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Every gun owner wants to avoid the sunk cost of their ammo going bad because of humidity or other environmental factors. In addition, comprised ammunition can cause serious damage to the weapon or even the shooter. So, how can you preserve your ammo and keep it organized for reloading efficiency?

Here are some of the best ideas for how to store your ammunition.

Why Is Ammo Storage Important?

Safety, Security, and Preservation – in that order. Those are the key considerations for storing ammo and firearms. It’s important to note that some state and local laws may require ammo and firearms to be stored separately. Be sure to check your local laws.

Keep these points in mind when you’re considering how to store your ammo:

  • Ammo should be stored separately from firearms, so they can only be accessed by those with the authority to do so.
  • Storing ammo and firearms separately may reduce the risk of children or other family members loading and improperly using a firearm.
  • Chemically reactive primer and propellant need to be stored in certain conditions to keep them from getting ruined.
  • Storing ammo correctly extends its shelf life by preventing it from expiring or going bad.
  • Ammo is expensive. You save money by keeping your ammo preserved.

Proven Tips for Ammo Preservation

Let’s review some of the most common and useful practices for storing ammunition.


Ammo should be kept in a cool, dry, dark climate. Modern ammo will be minimally affected by heat but could be compromised by rapid changes in climate—like humidity levels. Humidity is the enemy and can cause corrosion.

A room temperature environment that experiences few temperature fluctuations, like a basement or den, is ideal for storage because it is protected from extreme heat or cold and doesn’t experience humidity.

Any of these weather conditions can eventually cause the primer or propellant in the ammunition to expire or go bad, leading to misfires and jams later down the line. If moisture is a consistent concern, you can place desiccant packs nearby or use a dehumidifier to draw that moisture away.


Ammo should be stored so that it is readily identifiable — many calibers of ammunition look similar and could easily be mistaken and loaded into the wrong firearm if they are not properly identified.

Labeled ammo cans can serve this purpose. Powder Valley offers an array of aftermarket ammo boxes designed for different cartridge types. These utility storage boxes are built for toughness and long-term durability, protecting your ammo from water damage, sunlight, dust, and theft.

It’s also helpful to sort your ammunition by date of purchase so that when you go out shooting, you make sure to use your older rounds first.


As noted above, like your guns firearms, your ammunition should always be securely stored to prevent access from unauthorized persons. Many gun safes, for instance, have separate compartments for ammunition storage.

You can increase your firearms security with ammo and gun lock boxes and keypad vaults

from Powder Valley.

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