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Berger bullets are among the best bullets for hunting on the market, particularly for deer hunting. They are accurate and quick-expanding for a swift and ethical kill. While these are excellent long-range bullets, they also perform well at closer ranges.

Hunters demand that ammunition produce successful and repeatable results. That’s what they get with Berger bullets.

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What Makes Berger Bullets a Top Choice

The hunting jackets of Berger bullets are thinner than traditional ammo. The J4 hunting jacket breaks and fragments inside the animal reliably and consistently. The bullet penetrates between 2 and 3 inches before its rapid expansion. It does not implode prior to that penetration. Think of a grenade cracking open. Berger bullets enter the body deeply enough to penetrate the vitals, bringing game down instantly.

Berger bullets are manufactured from the highest quality copper and lead available. Because impurities are eliminated, sportsmen can trust that Berger bullets perform consistently, shot after shot.

An Effective Shape

The Berger Hunting VLDs also feature a boat tail and a secant ogive nose. For external ballistic performance, this is the most effective shape. The secant ogive reduces drag, so shooting is flatter with little wind drift. The bullet’s energy focuses on where it is most effective – within the animal.

Berger’s non-VLD bullets have a tangent ogive. While the non-VLD bullets do not cut through wind as well as the VLDs, they achieve easy precision in most rifles. These bullets have a hollow cavity rather than a pure lead core.

Rapid Expansion

The rapid expansion of Berger bullets upon hitting the target animal means a reliable, ethical kill. While the expansion is notable at close to medium range, this ammunition expands as advertised at the longest distances.  

As the Berger Hunting VLD bullet expands, up to 85 percent of its weight is shed as shrapnel. The wound cavity within the internal organs ranges between 13 and 15 inches. Should an animal not drop at once, it will die rapidly due to internal organ damage and blood pressure loss. There is no need to track a wounded animal shot by a Berger Hunting VLD bullet. It is accurate and deadly.

For all their accuracy and expansion, Berger Hunting VLDs do not create more meat damage.

Berger Hunting VLDs perform effectively at 1,800 feet per second impact velocity or even faster. They will still expand even when the impact is as low as 1,500 fps.

Buy Berger Bullets From Powder Valley

Powder Valley carries Berger Bullets in hollow point boat tail and many other types and sizes. Whether for hunting or match shooting, our Berger bullets range from 172 diameter varmint bullets to large .338 rounds. Trust Berger bullets to do the job.