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Whether you’re looking to prove your marksmanship or bag a trophy deer, nothing works better than Berger bullets. That’s because of Berger’s unique design, which combines the following three elements:

  1. A sloped “boat tail” configuration for improved aerodynamic performance.
  2. An ultra-narrow front profile to minimize wind drift.
  3. A lightweight design that penetrates deep into the game’s body and spreads out to create a massive wound channel for quick terminal results.

Here at Powder Valley, we’re proud to include Berger hunting ammunition and bullets for competitive shooting among the many fine products we sell. Check our online selection today to place your order. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at what makes Berger bullets so special.

Designed for Bench Rest Shooting Competitions

Back in the early 1950s, the US 300 meter shooting team noticed that it was losing matches to a phenomenon called “recoil fatigue,” which occurs after firing multiple shots. Essentially, the shooter’s body and mind become worn out due to the constant kickback of his or her weapon.

The only way to manage this condition is to reduce the recoil of the firearm itself. Ballistics expert Walt Berger realized that he could address this issue by designing a lighter-weight bullet with improved aerodynamics.

To accomplish this goal, Walt took bullet design back to the drawing board, replacing the traditional flat base with a sloping rear end that earned the nickname “boat tail” for its similarity to a ship’s stern. He also made the front profile more narrow and created a lighter-weight bullet jacket.

The result was an outstanding match-grade bullet with excellent VLD (very low drag) characteristics. It quickly became the bullet of choice for competitive shooters around the world.

Berger as Hunting Ammunition

Walt didn’t know it at the time, but his match-grade ammunition would soon gain renown among hunters, who recognized his groundbreaking design as the perfect solution for their particular needs.

The goal of every true hunter is to achieve terminal results as quickly as possible, sparing the animal from needless pain and suffering. For this to happen, the bullet must penetrate deep into the body and then fragment into multiple pieces quickly, creating multiple wound channels.

To Walt’s surprise, the bullet he designed for target shooting was also able to penetrate up to three inches inside the game before breaking apart and creating a large wound cavity. The prey would drop to the ground immediately after the shot was fired, making the results more humane for the animal and more satisfying for the hunter.

Building on this feedback, the team at Berger created three variants of the original design, one for competitive shooting, the other for big game, and the third for varmints. The rest, as they say, is history.

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