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Shotgun ammo differs from rifle ammo in three primary ways:

  1. Shot pattern – most shotgun ammo spreads out into a wide pattern as it travels, unlike a bullet fired from a rifle.
  2. Range – most rifle ammo has a greater effective range than shotgun ammunition.
  3. Purpose – shotguns are used most often for home defense or short-range hunting. Rifles, on the other hand, are used for long-range target shooting and hunting and are rarely employed for self-defense.

Let’s look at these three differences in greater detail.

Shot Pattern

A shotgun shell is packed with small metal balls similar to BBs. When the weapon is fired, these projectiles exit the weapon at high velocity and spread out into a broad pattern as they fly through the air.

In contrast, a rifle cartridge fires a single bullet that remains intact throughout its trajectory. This means that hitting the target requires greater skill on the part of the shooter.


The wide spread pattern of shotgun ammo gives the shooter a greater chance of hitting the target. However, it also decreases the weapon’s useful range. For example, a shotgun firing 00 buckshot becomes largely ineffective at distances exceeding 50 yards.

Rifle ammo, on the other hand, can have an effective range of 500 yards or more. For instance, a weapon firing Springfield 30 – 06 ammo can kill at distances exceeding 600 yards, or 12 times further than many shotgun shells.


This brings us to the third primary difference between shotgun and rifle ammo: the purpose that each is designed to fulfill. Shotguns are designed for close-quarter situations like home defense or short-range hunting. They’re also used in situations like bird hunting, where the target is small and hard to hit.

In contrast, rifles are used when the distance of the target is greater and the shooter can achieve high accuracy. Examples include:

  • Hunting large game like deer or elk
  • Battlefield combat
  • Sniper situations

What About Slugs?

A slug is a special type of shotgun ammo that resembles an oversized bullet. Slugs offer two advantages over conventional shotgun shells. These are:

  1. Extended range – for example, a 12 gauge slug can have an effective range between 100 and 150 yards, 2 to 3 times greater than 00 buckshot.
  2. Greater penetration – the greater mass of a shotgun slug allows it to penetrate deeper into the target, achieving terminal results more quickly.

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