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Berger is known for making precision bullets tailored for specific shooting applications. Below we survey eight different types of bullets made by this premium ammo manufacturer. No matter what your shooting needs, Berger has a bullet that will get the job done. As a leader in ammo reloading supplies and other shooting products, Powder Valley is proud to carry a wide range of quality Berger bullets. Stock up today!

A Few Terms That Every Reloader Should Know

Choosing the right type of Berger ammo is easier when you know some basic shooting terminology. Here are some important terms to keep in mind:

  • Ogive (pronounced “oh-jive”) – when applied to ballistics, this word refers to the degree of curve in a bullet’s design.
  • Tangent ogive – a bullet with a tangent ogive has a pronounced curving shape from the tip to the shank. This feature gives the reloader optimum flexibility when deciding how deep to insert the bullet into the casing.
  • Secant ogive – a bullet with a secant ogive has more of a straight, cone-shaped appearance when viewed from the side. This design reduces the amount of drag on the bullet as it travels through the air.
  • Hybrid ogive – this design combines both tangent and secant characteristics. It achieves both low drag and high flexibility when choosing seating depth.
  • Ballistic coefficient (BC) – BC is a measure of the bullet’s ability to minimize wind resistance. A low BC helps it to maintain optimum velocity throughout its flight path.

Now let’s look at how Berger ammo adapts these characteristics to each of its product brands.

Berger Target Bullets

Designed for the most demanding bench shooting applications, Berger target ammo combines a boat tail base with a tangent ogive. This gives it superior performance in windy conditions. It also allows reloaders to fine-tune the round to match their unique shooting style.

Berger VLD Target Bullets

This design uses a secant ogive to improve the round’s BC characteristics. The result is an exceptionally flat trajectory and higher overall velocity.

Berger Hybrid Target Bullets

This design incorporates elements of both a secant and tangent ogive for excellent all-around performance.

Berger OTM Tactical Bullets

These bullets were designed specifically for military and police applications. They use a thicker jacket for optimum reliability in even the most extreme environments.

Berger Varmint Bullets

This design uses a thinner jacket at the bullet’s tip for greater expansion upon impact. This allows the shooter to achieve terminal results in less time.

Berger VLD Hunting Bullets

This design incorporates three distinct features: a boat tail base, a secant ogive, and a thin jacket. This combination creates high velocity, low drag, and maximum expansion. Berger VLD hunting bullets are an excellent choice for hunting big game like deer and elk.

Berger Classic Hybrid Hunter Bullets

This design incorporates elements of both a secant and tangent ogive along with a thinner jacket for a combination of flight stability and maximum expansion. If you’re looking for an outstanding all-around big game bullet, then this is what you’re after.

Berger Elite Hunter Bullets

This design combines the best features of Berger’s classic hybrid hunter bullets with an exceptionally long tip. It gives the reloader the greatest possible flexibility when determining seating depth. If you’re the kind of hunter who likes to fine-tune each round, then Berger Elite Hunter Bullets are for you.

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