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The unique ballistic profile of 7×57 Mauser 139 grain ammunition makes it an effective choice for a variety of sporting situations, including hunting medium-sized game like deer and elk. Powder Valley’s online store stocks all of the items you’ll need for reloading this reliable and versatile cartridge.

7 X 57/7mm Mauser Ballistics Profile

The 7 x 57 mm Mauser is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Case type: Rimless, bottlenecked
  • Case length: 2.235 in.
  • Case capacity: 3.90 cm3
  • Width: 0.473 in.
  • Shoulder angle: 22.45 in.
  • Average velocity: 3000 ft. per second (139 gr.).
  • Average muzzle energy: 2255 J.
  • Recoil: 1.68 kN, or approximately 360 lb./f.

Benefits of the 7 x 57 mm Mauser Cartridge

What sets 7 mm ammunition apart from its predecessors is its combination of light recoil, flat trajectory, and ability to create deep wound channels. Not only does this help hunters to bag their quarry, it also achieves terminal results more quickly.

7 mm Mauser rifle ammunition is traditionally used for medium-sized game, especially deer and black bear. However, it has also proved its worth in the pursuit of larger animals, including moose, elk, grizzlies, and even elephants.

Bullet Choices for the 7 x 57 Mauser Cartridge


One of the problems with the original 7 x 57 cartridge was the conical shape of its bullet, which reduced its speed and range. Today’s shooters can easily surpass these limitations by using modern Spitzer-style bullets. Highly aerodynamic, they offer greater mass, a sharper profile, and reduced wind drag.

The choice of powder for a reloaded 7 × 57 cartridge is every bit as important as the type of bullet used. Many shooters have found that slow-burning powders are a good all-around selection, especially for heavier ammo.

If you’re looking for a rifle chambered for the 7×57 cartridge, then the Ruger M77 enjoys an outstanding reputation.

.275 Rigby

The .275 Rigby is a legendary cartridge among UK firearms devotees, with a long history that harkens back to the glory days of the British Empire. But what many shooters may not know is that this caliber is identical to the 7 x 57 Mauser.

History of the 7 x 57 Mauser Cartridge

The 19th century saw breathtaking advances in firearms technology. One of the greatest inventions of that era was the 7 x 57 mm Mauser cartridge, developed by famed ballistics expert Paul Mauser in 1893.

Originally created for military use, the 7 × 57 won fame among soldiers on both sides of the Spanish-American War. Over time it found its way into the civilian market, where it remains popular to this day. The 7mm Mauser has helped countless families to put fresh game on their dinner table over the years.

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