How Far Will a 7mm Mauser Shoot?

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How far a 7mm Mauser will shoot depends on several factors, including the type of bullet the shooter is using. However, 7×57 Mauser 139 grain ammunition can often achieve a range of over 400 yards.

Many hunters choose the classic 7 mm Mauser for its low recoil, high degree of accuracy, and affordable cost. Others may prefer a higher-powered firearm to offer greater range and a flatter overall trajectory. The muzzle energy of the 7 mm magnum, for instance, is 3182 fpe, compared to 2265 fpe for the 7 mm Mauser. Increased power and a bigger muzzle blast are not to every hunter’s taste, however, as some feel it is overkill for most hunting needs, such as deer, and can also cause excess tissue damage, reducing the amount of useable meat.

One great attraction of the 7mm Mauser is its status as a “classic” hunting weapon and its rich history.

History of the 7mm Mauser

Famed 19th-century German gun designer Paul Mauser transformed the world of weaponry when he developed the original 7x57mm Mauser cartridge in the early 1890s. His new creation quickly distinguished itself in four important ways:

  1. High penetration: Allowing for speedy terminal results.
  2. Flat trajectory: Enabling a high degree of accuracy.
  3. Mild recoil: Making the 7x57mm Mauser a good choice for shooters of all body types.
  4. Reliability: The 7mm Mauser was designed from the ground up to use smokeless powder, unlike most of its contemporaries.

The 7mm Mauser was a favorite of the Spanish army, especially in its 173grversion. In fact, Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders developed a grudging respect for this rugged and reliable round during their charge up San Juan Hill.

The 7 mm Mauser remains a popular choice to this day. 21st-century shooters across the globe use it for a variety of sporting applications. That’s a pretty good legacy for something designed more than 130 years ago!

Reloading the 7 mm Mauser

One of the great things about reloading the 7 mm Mauser is the wide range of high-quality components available on today’s market. Examples include bullets such as the Nosler Partition, Hornady GMX, and Barnes Triple Shock. You’ll also find a good choice of 7×57 brass casings and other essential supplies.

Reloaders sometimes confuse 7 mm Mauser rifle ammunition with other well-known cartridges, such as the 7 mm Remington magnum. These designs are NOT equivalent, however. Trying to interchange them can lead to firearms failure or even worse. Remember, always follow the reloading manual to the letter.

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