What Is a Magazine Speedloader?

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A magazine speedloader makes loading bullets into a magazine quick and easy, saving time and reducing hand strain and soreness. Available for use with a wide range of magazine types and calibers, speedloaders are essential equipment for competition shooting and a great way to make your time at the range more effective. Find a variety of speed loaders to choose from at Powder Valley, each with its own set of features and advantages.

Glock Speedloaders

Glock pistol magazines are notorious for being hard to load. To address this problem, Glock has designed its own version of a speedloader. Made of black polymer, it fits over the magazine and depresses the loading tab, reducing spring resistance. Glock includes one of these speedloaders with many of their handguns.

Lever-Type Speedloaders

Lever-type magazine speed loaders fit over a magazine and allow for quick reloading through use of a small attached lever. They come in a range of sizes and designs for use with almost any type of magazine.

Many lever-type speedloaders include a component called a feeder that removes ammo from a factory-loaded tray one row at a time. This speeds up the reloading process and minimizes the amount of hand contact the shooter has with the ammunition.

“Stapler-Style” Speedloaders

Stapler-style speedloaders get their name from their similarity to a handheld office stapler. Individual rounds are inserted into the loader while the operator squeezes the product as if stapling two sheets of paper together. Stapler-style speedloaders are compact and convenient but can take more time to use than lever-type designs.

Bench-Mounted Magazine Speedloaders

These are larger products that rest on a shooting bench or table. They are primarily used for reloading high-capacity rifle magazines. They’re a good choice for shooters who spend a lot of time at the range. Because of their size and weight, however, they’re not as portable or as easy to use as other designs.

Benefits of Using a Magazine Speedloader

While virtually any shooter can benefit from using magazine speedloaders, these products are most popular among the following types of gun owners:

  • High-volume shooters who must reload their weapons quickly: this is a common scenario during practice sessions and competitive shooting events.
  • Those who experience finger cramping or soreness when reloading multiple rounds.
  • Those with strength or dexterity challenges in their hands or fingers, including carpal tunnel syndrome and other neuromuscular conditions.
  • Those who wish to minimize direct contact with individual rounds, due to concerns about lead exposure or skin irritation caused by ammunition brass.


Choosing a Magazine Speed Loader

Speedloaders vary widely in terms of design and capabilities. Here are some tips for choosing the right model for your needs:

  • Make sure the speedloader you’re considering matches the type and caliber of weapon you own: this information should be clearly labeled on the packaging.
  • Check reviews of the product: to see how well it has worked for other gun owners.
  • Ask a friend to the firearms community to let you try out his or her speedloader: there’s nothing like hands-on experience to get a feel for a particular product.

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