What Is Match Grade Ammo?

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Match grade ammo is the ammunition of choice for competitive match shooters and others who demand the very best. It’s made to extremely high tolerances and uses the finest primers and other materials available. Manufacturers put their match-grade ammo through their most rigorous quality-assurance protocols to try to ensure consistent accuracy time after time.

There is no universal standard or measure for what makes ammunition “match grade,” and quality can vary from brand to brand. Luckily, you never have to guess when you buy your ammo and reloading supplies from Powder Valley. We sell only the finest-quality match grade ammunition from Berger and other leading manufacturers.

Read on for more on what makes match-grade ammo so exceptional.

Accuracy Versus Consistency: What’s the Difference?

It goes without saying that match-grade ammo must be accurate. But, to truly distinguish itself, it must also be consistent. Here’s what this means from a ballistics point of view:

  • Accuracy refers to how closely a bullet comes to the dead-center of the shooting target. A number of factors can affect accuracy, including the weather conditions and the type of weapon used.
  • Consistency refers to how reliably a certain type of ammunition can strike the same spot time after time, whether or not it’s hitting the bull’s-eye. This allows shooters to adjust their shooting style, scope settings, or other factors to place each bullet exactly where they want it to go.

Achieving consistent results from match grade ammo comes from ultra-precise manufacturing practices like these:

  • Super-close tolerances – so that each bullet is virtually identical to the others of its type.
  • Aerodynamic enhancements – like a boat tail base and an open tip. The idea is to overcome factors like wind drift and wind resistance as much as possible.
  • The finest materials available like powder and primers that have been fine-tuned over years of testing.

This painstaking attention to detail plays out in the following ways:

  • Consistent engagement with the weapon’s rifling grooves – so that each round produces the same degree of spin as the one before it.
  • Consistent ignition of the gunpowder – so that combustion takes exactly the same amount of time, every time.
  • Consistent speed coming out of the barrel – as measured by a professional chronograph.

For the shooter, the ultimate payoff is the ability to achieve consistently accurate results with each shot.

What Makes Our Match Grade Ammo So Special?

Many manufacturers sell ammo that they say is “match grade.” But is it really?

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. To get your money’s worth, you should look beyond the claims made on the ammo box to consider the company’s track record and reviews.

When you do so, it’s easy to see that the match grade ammunition we carry, including Berger bullets, more than lives up to its reputation.

This means you can rely on it to win a shooting contest, bring down big game with one shot, or, in the case of Berger .172 match grade ammo, take out a pesky varmint.

Is Match Grade Ammo Worth It?

So, is match grade ammo what you’re looking for? Ultimately, the answer to that question is up to you. Many gun owners are perfectly happy with standard grade ammunition.

Others, such as competitive target shooters, require the extreme accuracy and consistency that only true match grade ammo can provide.

No matter what you decide, here’s one thing you can know for sure: when you buy match grade ammo from Powder Valley, you’re getting the very best.

Order Match Grade Ammo From Powder Valley

Here at Powder Valley, we believe that success comes not only from selling superior products but also from providing outstanding customer service.

This includes getting your products to you as soon as we possibly can. That’s why we’re working hard during these challenging times to fulfill every order in a timely manner.

Order your match-grade ammo from Powder Valley today. Soon you’ll be enjoying the most accurate, most consistent ammunition on today’s market.