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Showing 1–36 of 98 results

CCI primers, caps, and bullets from Powder Valley are precision-engineered to perform with great consistency, round after round. CCI primers have a reputation for quick, powerful ignition in a variety of weather conditions. From shotshells to pistol rounds and magnum rifle cartridges, CCI primers are favored by the most discerning reloaders. CCI bullets are expertly crafted for performance at the range and on the hunt.

If you hunt with a muzzleloader, you’ll likely only have one chance to make your kill shot. Every successful kill shot starts with a cap quickly igniting your powder. From reenactors with antique or replica firearms to hunters with the latest muzzleloading designs, CCI caps are known for high performance in the field. Make your shots count with percussion caps from CCI.

There are a lot of reloading component manufacturers in the industry today, but that wasn’t the case when Dick Speer established CCI (Cascade Cartridges Inc.) in 1951 in Lewiston, Idaho. At the time, quality reloading components could be extremely hard to come by, especially for proprietary rifle cartridge designs like the Weatherby and Newton that were not serviced by the big manufacturers. Speer got to work servicing this active niche market and steadily expanded until CCI became the company you know today—an industry leader in components for a diverse range of firearms.

Powder Valley carries the full line of CCI reloading components, all at the lowest possible prices. If you’re a reloader, it’s because you care about every little detail. CCI products are precision manufactured to meet exceedingly high standards. They’ll deliver the performance you deserve.