Norma Smokeless Powders

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Showing all 10 results

Choosing Norma Smokeless Powders

If you reload your own ammo, you know the importance of using smokeless powder that provides consistent power in all temperatures and weather conditions. Norma powder from Powder Valley has a well-earned reputation for consistency and ease of measuring. In fact, Norma has been producing elite gunpowder since its founding in 1902. Whether you’re new to the art of reloading or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find this Scandinavian company knows what hunters and match shooters require from their smokeless powder.

From Norma 200 powder that’s perfect for small bores like the .222 and .223 Remington, to Norma MRP powder, which is designed to improve the long-range accuracy of magnum rounds, there’s something for every rifle reloader’s needs in this line. Choose Norma 202 powder for mid-sized cartridges like the .308 Winchester, or reload with Norma URP powder that’s designed with deer and elk hunting in mind.

Norma smokeless powder is available in both 1 lb canisters and 8 lb jugs.

At Powder Valley, you’ll find smokeless powder from Norma available at low prices. Built on a tradition of excellence, Norma powder is popular with experienced reloaders for good reason. On your next hunting trip, or at your next shooting competition, put your trust in Norma rifle powder.