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Powder Valley is proud to carry a wide selection of premium bullets from many of the industry’s top brands. With so many choices, it helps to narrow down your search by grain weight. Reloaders have long debated the merits of lighter vs. heavier bullets, and there’s no one answer as to what’s better for your needs.

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Generally, heavier bullets have a bigger terminal impact, are less likely to be affected by wind over distance, and create more recoil.

Lighter bullets are faster, and thus known for accuracy in low/no wind conditions.

If you’re plinking, it probably makes sense to just purchase whatever bullets suit your budget, but if you’re looking for stopping power, accuracy, or comfort, grain weight is a factor you should be considering.

Grain weight includes everything from light 15-grain to bullets that weigh over 600 grain. Of course, for any given firearm model, there will be a specific range of grain weights that are acceptable, so make sure you double-check that you’re using a safe bullet. 

Reloading by grain weight makes it easy and cost-effective to produce your own ammunition that is tailored specifically to your needs. Shop Powder Valley today, and bring home the best bullets at the lowest possible prices.