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Every gun owner wants to avoid the sunk cost of their ammo going bad because of humidity or other environmental factors. In addition, comprised ammunition can cause serious damage to the weapon or even the shooter. So, how can you preserve your ammo and keep it organized for reloading efficiency?

Here are some of the best ideas for how to store your ammunition.

Why Is Ammo Storage Important?

Safety, Security, and Preservation – in that order. Those are the key considerations for storing ammo and firearms. It’s important to note that some state and local laws may require ammo and firearms to be stored separately. Be sure to check your local laws.

Keep these points in mind when you’re considering how to store your ammo:

  • Ammo should be stored separately from firearms, so they can only be accessed by those with the authority to do so.
  • Storing ammo and firearms separately may reduce the risk of children or other family members loading and improperly using a firearm.
  • Chemically reactive primer and propellant need to be stored in certain conditions to keep them from getting ruined.
  • Storing ammo correctly extends its shelf life by preventing it from expiring or going bad.
  • Ammo is expensive. You save money by keeping your ammo preserved.

Proven Tips for Ammo Preservation

Let’s review some of the most common and useful practices for storing ammunition.


Ammo should be kept in a cool, dry, dark climate. Modern ammo will be minimally affected by heat but could be compromised by rapid changes in climate—like humidity levels. Humidity is the enemy and can cause corrosion.

A room temperature environment that experiences few temperature fluctuations, like a basement or den, is ideal for storage because it is protected from extreme heat or cold and doesn’t experience humidity.

Any of these weather conditions can eventually cause the primer or propellant in the ammunition to expire or go bad, leading to misfires and jams later down the line. If moisture is a consistent concern, you can place desiccant packs nearby or use a dehumidifier to draw that moisture away.


Ammo should be stored so that it is readily identifiable — many calibers of ammunition look similar and could easily be mistaken and loaded into the wrong firearm if they are not properly identified.

Labeled ammo cans can serve this purpose. Powder Valley offers an array of aftermarket ammo boxes designed for different cartridge types. These utility storage boxes are built for toughness and long-term durability, protecting your ammo from water damage, sunlight, dust, and theft.

It’s also helpful to sort your ammunition by date of purchase so that when you go out shooting, you make sure to use your older rounds first.


As noted above, like your guns firearms, your ammunition should always be securely stored to prevent access from unauthorized persons. Many gun safes, for instance, have separate compartments for ammunition storage.

You can increase your firearms security with ammo and gun lock boxes and keypad vaults

from Powder Valley.

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History of Hodgdon Powder

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Drafted into the armed forces at the age of 33 in 1943, Bruce Hodgdon entered the Navy and began serving as an instructor to aerial gunners. As he listened to a chemist reminisce about World War I, Hodgdon’s ears perked up at the mention of large quantities of surplus smokeless powder being dumped into the ocean after the war.

Hodgdon wisely surmised that World War II might bring about a similar situation once the war concluded and began researching the possibility of purchasing the surplus powder for resale. This was a big risk: Hodgdon had no place to store the gunpowder, and he held reservations about the shooting public’s willingness to purchase the propellant. Still, when the war ended, he purchased 50,000 pounds of surplus 4895 powder.

Humble Beginnings

His marketing strategy began humbly with the purchase of one-inch ad space in the American Rifleman publication. In 1947, he made his first sale: 150 pounds of 4895 powder for $30. The powder was contained in metal cans with hand-glued labels and delivered by Bruce and his two boys, J.B. and Bob. As the business grew, the boys began to deliver shipments of powder to train terminals en route to school.

Soon after, Bruce realized that he could build a loyal customer base by teaching customers how to hand-load and by publishing load data.

Focus on Handloading

Post-World War II, most powder manufacturers in the United States shifted towards a loaded ammunition sales model, all but abandoning the prior model of handloading component sales. As one of the only providers of handloading materials, enthusiasts began experimenting with Hodgdon’s powders and eventually were able to achieve superior ballistic profiles to those provided by mass-produced ammunition.

Before long, customers began to recognize the name “Hodgdon”, associating it with handloading like customers associate Coca-Cola with soft drinks. At this time, the Hodgdons began to expand their product offerings beyond powder, offering reloading components, firearms, and ammunition.

By 1952, the business had picked up remarkably. Bruce quit his day job with the Gas Service Company and officially launched B.E. Hodgdon, Inc.

In the early 60s, Bruce Hodgdon and a coalition of other powder retailers successfully convinced the ICC (the 1960s version of today’s Department of Transportation) to downgrade smokeless powder shipments to the 1.4C classification, which allowed powder retailers to ship their products (under 100 pounds) with any carrier, greatly improving their ability to sell to a wider customer base.

The business expanded rapidly through the 1960s on the heels of this policy change, which led to Hodgdon splitting the business in two: one firearm wholesaling subsidiary, and one powder subsidiary. Eventually, other firearms and ammunition companies noticed the success that Hodgdon Powder was having and began offering their own smokeless powders for sale. Still, Hodgdon Powder maintained a strong customer base, leading the industry through trend after trend.

Hodgdon Powder Company Still Going Strong

Today, Hodgdon Powder Company maintains its status as the elite powder provider even after Bruce’s death in 1997. Manufacturing smokeless propellants that meet the needs of all reloaders, Hodgdon Powder Company currently offers a huge selection of smokeless powder, muzzle-loading powder, and safety fuses, among other products.

Among Hodgdon’s most popular products in the modern day is their Varget powder, which is particularly popular among competitive .223 Remington shooters due to its ability to improve ballistics for .22-250 Remington, .308 Winchester, 30-06, .375 H&H, and other popular rounds.

Why Is Stopping Power Important When Hunting?

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In a hunting context, stopping power is important for minimizing the animal’s suffering. A round that drops the prey in its tracks is more likely to achieve quick terminal results than one which leaves the creature on its feet.

Five factors that affect a shot’s stopping power are:

  1. Bullet placement
  2. Kinetic energy
  3. Wound channel
  4. Element of surprise
  5. Anatomy

Here at Powder Valley, we’re proud to support hunters who practice their sport in a safe and humane action. That’s why we stock the very best reloading powders and products available anywhere. Combine these benefits with our fair pricing and timely shipping, and it’s easy to see why we’re the one-stop source for firearms owners across the US.

Browse our site to stock up on all your shooting and reloading supplies. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at what “stopping power” means for hunters.

Five Factors That Lead to a Quick Kill

In self-defense situations, shooting experts draw a distinction between stopping power and killing power. That’s because the primary goal when dealing with a human attacker is to end the threat to innocent people as fast as possible. Actually killing the assailant (known as “terminal results”) is never the primary goal.

A different set of priorities applies when the scenario changes to a hunting environment. Inflicting suffering on the animal is never desirable, so the goal of every ethical hunter is to cause terminal results as fast as possible. Here are five factors that help to achieve this goal:

  1. Bullet placement – here the idea is to interrupt the function of vital organs such as the heart. This requires a hunter who is familiar with the prey’s general anatomy and where to place each round.
  2. Kinetic energy & caliber size– this refers to ballistic factors like bullet weight, size, construction, and velocity. In general, faster and heavier bullets are more likely to achieve quick terminal results.
  3. Wound channel – this term refers to the path the bullet takes inside the animal. A bullet that breaks apart and tumbles as it passes through the body creates multiple forms of trauma that cause the prey to drop in its tracks.
  4. Element of surprise – a skilled hunter is also a stealthy hunter. He or she will approach the prey so that the animal never detects a human presence. When the element of surprise is lacking, the animal’s bloodstream will be filled with adrenaline and other stress hormones that will only prolong its suffering.
  5. Anatomy – large animals such as deer, elk, and moose have thick layers of fat, muscle, and fur that protect their vital internal organs. It’s important to match your ammunition to the type of prey you’re hunting, so that you can overcome these natural defenses as swiftly as possible.

These five factors are the primary variables that lead to a quick kill. Keep them in mind as you prepare for your next hunting trip. Remember also that safety always comes first, so stay alert and responsible whenever you’re carrying firearms.

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What Are the Different Berger Bullet Types Used For?

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Berger is known for making precision bullets tailored for specific shooting applications. Below we survey eight different types of bullets made by this premium ammo manufacturer. No matter what your shooting needs, Berger has a bullet that will get the job done. As a leader in ammo reloading supplies and other shooting products, Powder Valley is proud to carry a wide range of quality Berger bullets. Stock up today!

A Few Terms That Every Reloader Should Know

Choosing the right type of Berger ammo is easier when you know some basic shooting terminology. Here are some important terms to keep in mind:

  • Ogive (pronounced “oh-jive”) – when applied to ballistics, this word refers to the degree of curve in a bullet’s design.
  • Tangent ogive – a bullet with a tangent ogive has a pronounced curving shape from the tip to the shank. This feature gives the reloader optimum flexibility when deciding how deep to insert the bullet into the casing.
  • Secant ogive – a bullet with a secant ogive has more of a straight, cone-shaped appearance when viewed from the side. This design reduces the amount of drag on the bullet as it travels through the air.
  • Hybrid ogive – this design combines both tangent and secant characteristics. It achieves both low drag and high flexibility when choosing seating depth.
  • Ballistic coefficient (BC) – BC is a measure of the bullet’s ability to minimize wind resistance. A low BC helps it to maintain optimum velocity throughout its flight path.

Now let’s look at how Berger ammo adapts these characteristics to each of its product brands.

Berger Target Bullets

Designed for the most demanding bench shooting applications, Berger target ammo combines a boat tail base with a tangent ogive. This gives it superior performance in windy conditions. It also allows reloaders to fine-tune the round to match their unique shooting style.

Berger VLD Target Bullets

This design uses a secant ogive to improve the round’s BC characteristics. The result is an exceptionally flat trajectory and higher overall velocity.

Berger Hybrid Target Bullets

This design incorporates elements of both a secant and tangent ogive for excellent all-around performance.

Berger OTM Tactical Bullets

These bullets were designed specifically for military and police applications. They use a thicker jacket for optimum reliability in even the most extreme environments.

Berger Varmint Bullets

This design uses a thinner jacket at the bullet’s tip for greater expansion upon impact. This allows the shooter to achieve terminal results in less time.

Berger VLD Hunting Bullets

This design incorporates three distinct features: a boat tail base, a secant ogive, and a thin jacket. This combination creates high velocity, low drag, and maximum expansion. Berger VLD hunting bullets are an excellent choice for hunting big game like deer and elk.

Berger Classic Hybrid Hunter Bullets

This design incorporates elements of both a secant and tangent ogive along with a thinner jacket for a combination of flight stability and maximum expansion. If you’re looking for an outstanding all-around big game bullet, then this is what you’re after.

Berger Elite Hunter Bullets

This design combines the best features of Berger’s classic hybrid hunter bullets with an exceptionally long tip. It gives the reloader the greatest possible flexibility when determining seating depth. If you’re the kind of hunter who likes to fine-tune each round, then Berger Elite Hunter Bullets are for you.

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Are Hollow Points Good for Hunting?

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Hollow point bullets are perhaps the most popular and effective choice for deer and other big game hunting.  While hollow points are excellent bullets for hunting, it does depend on the quarry.

Since 1984, Powder Valley, the leader in ammo reloading supply, has been offering sportsmen and those interested in self-defense the best prices on ammunition, including rifle primers, powders, and other essential supplies for reloaders.

Hollow Point Bullets

With their hollowed-out tip, hollow point bullets expand quickly upon impact. When it hits soft tissue, the pressure in its tip makes the soft lead core immediately expand outward. The bullet is specifically designed so that it slows as it moves through the animal. These bullets usually stop within the body. Because they rarely pass right through, more energy is released within the target. This concussion results in a great deal of internal damage.

Due to this rapid expansion, hollow points aren’t suitable for small game. They simply destroy too much tissue on smaller animals for meat purposes. However, if the object isn’t game, but simply eradicating nuisance animals such as groundhogs on the farm or ranch, hollow point bullets can serve this purpose.

For small game hunting, soft point bullets are a better choice.

Hollow Point Bullets for Deer Hunting

Because hollow point bullets create a large wound channel immediately upon impact, they stop deer quickly with one shot. Because these bullets expand so much, thin-skinned prey such as deer will have large sections of their vital organs taken out at once.

In most cases, the deer bleeds out before traveling more than 30 yards away. The kill is quick and humane, with minimal suffering.

While hollow point bullets are fine for quarry shot at close range, they are not as efficient for long-range targets.

Hollow Point Bullets for Feral Hogs

When it comes to hunting wild pigs, hollow point bullets are not necessarily the top choice. That’s because the hide of these animals is incredibly tough, and the bullet may not penetrate deeply enough to hit the vital organs. No hunter wants to create a shallow wound channel that does not prove fatal right away.

The same holds true for other game with tough hides, such as elk and moose.

Hollow Point Boat Tail Bullets

For accuracy at long-range, hollow point boat tail bullets are generally preferred to normal hollow point bullets because of their tapered end. The design can make a considerable difference in performance.

In addition to hunting, this is a good bullet for target shooting.

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Powder Valley carries Berger bullets in hollow point boat tail and dozens of other types and sizes, ranging from 172 diameter varmint bullets to large .338 rounds ideal for hunting and match shooting. Berger ensures its bullets are manufactured from the highest quality copper and lead available. By eliminating impurities, Berger can manufacture bullets that perform consistently, shot after shot.

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Are Berger Bullets Good for Hunting?

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Berger bullets are among the best bullets for hunting on the market, particularly for deer hunting. They are accurate and quick-expanding for a swift and ethical kill. While these are excellent long-range bullets, they also perform well at closer ranges.

Hunters demand that ammunition produce successful and repeatable results. That’s what they get with Berger bullets.

Since 1984, Powder Valley, the leader in ammo reloading supply, has offered hunters the best prices on bullets, powders, rifle primers, gun care items, and other ammunition supplies – including Berger bullets.

What Makes Berger Bullets a Top Choice

The hunting jackets of Berger bullets are thinner than traditional ammo. The J4 hunting jacket breaks and fragments inside the animal reliably and consistently. The bullet penetrates between 2 and 3 inches before its rapid expansion. It does not implode prior to that penetration. Think of a grenade cracking open. Berger bullets enter the body deeply enough to penetrate the vitals, bringing game down instantly.

Berger bullets are manufactured from the highest quality copper and lead available. Because impurities are eliminated, sportsmen can trust that Berger bullets perform consistently, shot after shot.

An Effective Shape

The Berger Hunting VLDs also feature a boat tail and a secant ogive nose. For external ballistic performance, this is the most effective shape. The secant ogive reduces drag, so shooting is flatter with little wind drift. The bullet’s energy focuses on where it is most effective – within the animal.

Berger’s non-VLD bullets have a tangent ogive. While the non-VLD bullets do not cut through wind as well as the VLDs, they achieve easy precision in most rifles. These bullets have a hollow cavity rather than a pure lead core.

Rapid Expansion

The rapid expansion of Berger bullets upon hitting the target animal means a reliable, ethical kill. While the expansion is notable at close to medium range, this ammunition expands as advertised at the longest distances.  

As the Berger Hunting VLD bullet expands, up to 85 percent of its weight is shed as shrapnel. The wound cavity within the internal organs ranges between 13 and 15 inches. Should an animal not drop at once, it will die rapidly due to internal organ damage and blood pressure loss. There is no need to track a wounded animal shot by a Berger Hunting VLD bullet. It is accurate and deadly.

For all their accuracy and expansion, Berger Hunting VLDs do not create more meat damage.

Berger Hunting VLDs perform effectively at 1,800 feet per second impact velocity or even faster. They will still expand even when the impact is as low as 1,500 fps.

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Powder Valley carries Berger Bullets in hollow point boat tail and many other types and sizes. Whether for hunting or match shooting, our Berger bullets range from 172 diameter varmint bullets to large .338 rounds. Trust Berger bullets to do the job.

Brief History of Lapua Brass

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Imagine a brand of ammo that’s accurate up to 1500 yards. One that achieves a perfect score in 300 meter competitions. One that’s just as proficient at putting food on the dinner table as winning awards at shooting events.

Does that sound like the kind of ammunition you’re looking for?

If so, then we’d love to tell you about Lapua bullets and the benefits they offer to discriminating shooters like you.  

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Lapua as Hunting Ammunition and Much More

The early 1920s was a turbulent time for the Finnish people. They declared their independence from the Soviet Union in 1917 and spent the next several decades trying to maintain their freedom in the face of an implacable foe.

Maybe that’s what inspired them to create the Lapua brand of ammo, which has earned a richly deserved reputation for excellence in the years since. Here’s what sets it apart from the crowd:

  • Outstanding quality: every Lapua bullet combines Old World craftsmanship with 21st-century technology for the perfect blending of science and art.
  • Outstanding performance: Lapua ammunition is used by hunters, competitive shooters, and law enforcement personnel across the globe, all of whom rely on its power and accuracy to achieve amazing results.
  • Outstanding value: Given its world-class features, it’s surprising to learn that Lapua ammo is more affordable than you might think, especially when you order it here on Powder Valley’s website.

All the Essential Features of an Outstanding Brand of Ammo

The only way to create perfect ammunition is to focus relentlessly on the fundamentals. That’s why the experts at Lapua incorporate the following features into their bullets:

  • A streamlined boat tail design — to ensure added stability throughout the bullet’s trajectory.
  • An ultra-narrow front profile — to minimize wind drift.
  • Featherweight materials — to increase velocity without adding needless recoil.

The result is a bullet that performs as well as any brand on earth.

Lapua ammo is available in a wide range of calibers, including:

  • .224 (5.68mm)
  • .264 (6.5mm)
  • .308 (7.83mm)
  • .338 (8.61mm)

Order Lapua Bullets Online from Powder Valley

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Brief History of Berger Bullets

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Whether you’re looking to prove your marksmanship or bag a trophy deer, nothing works better than Berger bullets. That’s because of Berger’s unique design, which combines the following three elements:

  1. A sloped “boat tail” configuration for improved aerodynamic performance.
  2. An ultra-narrow front profile to minimize wind drift.
  3. A lightweight design that penetrates deep into the game’s body and spreads out to create a massive wound channel for quick terminal results.

Here at Powder Valley, we’re proud to include Berger hunting ammunition and bullets for competitive shooting among the many fine products we sell. Check our online selection today to place your order. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at what makes Berger bullets so special.

Designed for Bench Rest Shooting Competitions

Back in the early 1950s, the US 300 meter shooting team noticed that it was losing matches to a phenomenon called “recoil fatigue,” which occurs after firing multiple shots. Essentially, the shooter’s body and mind become worn out due to the constant kickback of his or her weapon.

The only way to manage this condition is to reduce the recoil of the firearm itself. Ballistics expert Walt Berger realized that he could address this issue by designing a lighter-weight bullet with improved aerodynamics.

To accomplish this goal, Walt took bullet design back to the drawing board, replacing the traditional flat base with a sloping rear end that earned the nickname “boat tail” for its similarity to a ship’s stern. He also made the front profile more narrow and created a lighter-weight bullet jacket.

The result was an outstanding match-grade bullet with excellent VLD (very low drag) characteristics. It quickly became the bullet of choice for competitive shooters around the world.

Berger as Hunting Ammunition

Walt didn’t know it at the time, but his match-grade ammunition would soon gain renown among hunters, who recognized his groundbreaking design as the perfect solution for their particular needs.

The goal of every true hunter is to achieve terminal results as quickly as possible, sparing the animal from needless pain and suffering. For this to happen, the bullet must penetrate deep into the body and then fragment into multiple pieces quickly, creating multiple wound channels.

To Walt’s surprise, the bullet he designed for target shooting was also able to penetrate up to three inches inside the game before breaking apart and creating a large wound cavity. The prey would drop to the ground immediately after the shot was fired, making the results more humane for the animal and more satisfying for the hunter.

Building on this feedback, the team at Berger created three variants of the original design, one for competitive shooting, the other for big game, and the third for varmints. The rest, as they say, is history.

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How does shotgun ammo differ from rifle ammo

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Shotgun ammo differs from rifle ammo in three primary ways:

  1. Shot pattern – most shotgun ammo spreads out into a wide pattern as it travels, unlike a bullet fired from a rifle.
  2. Range – most rifle ammo has a greater effective range than shotgun ammunition.
  3. Purpose – shotguns are used most often for home defense or short-range hunting. Rifles, on the other hand, are used for long-range target shooting and hunting and are rarely employed for self-defense.

Let’s look at these three differences in greater detail.

Shot Pattern

A shotgun shell is packed with small metal balls similar to BBs. When the weapon is fired, these projectiles exit the weapon at high velocity and spread out into a broad pattern as they fly through the air.

In contrast, a rifle cartridge fires a single bullet that remains intact throughout its trajectory. This means that hitting the target requires greater skill on the part of the shooter.


The wide spread pattern of shotgun ammo gives the shooter a greater chance of hitting the target. However, it also decreases the weapon’s useful range. For example, a shotgun firing 00 buckshot becomes largely ineffective at distances exceeding 50 yards.

Rifle ammo, on the other hand, can have an effective range of 500 yards or more. For instance, a weapon firing Springfield 30 – 06 ammo can kill at distances exceeding 600 yards, or 12 times further than many shotgun shells.


This brings us to the third primary difference between shotgun and rifle ammo: the purpose that each is designed to fulfill. Shotguns are designed for close-quarter situations like home defense or short-range hunting. They’re also used in situations like bird hunting, where the target is small and hard to hit.

In contrast, rifles are used when the distance of the target is greater and the shooter can achieve high accuracy. Examples include:

  • Hunting large game like deer or elk
  • Battlefield combat
  • Sniper situations

What About Slugs?

A slug is a special type of shotgun ammo that resembles an oversized bullet. Slugs offer two advantages over conventional shotgun shells. These are:

  1. Extended range – for example, a 12 gauge slug can have an effective range between 100 and 150 yards, 2 to 3 times greater than 00 buckshot.
  2. Greater penetration – the greater mass of a shotgun slug allows it to penetrate deeper into the target, achieving terminal results more quickly.

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What is the most common ammunition for self defense?

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When it comes to self-defense, some types of ammunition are more popular than others. Four of the most common choices are:

  1. 38 Special
  2. 357 Magnum
  3. 9 mm
  4. 12 gauge 00 buckshot (for shotguns)

Are you wondering what type of ammunition is best for your needs? The experts here at Powder Valley are happy to assist you. For now, let’s take a closer look at these four types of ammo.

38 Special: The Classic Choice

The venerable 38 Special has been around for over 100 years. For decades it was the caliber of choice for law enforcement agencies across the country. It remains a popular round today, despite the growing popularity of alternative calibers such as 9 mm.

38 Special ammo offers both reasonable stopping power and low recoil, making it a great option for smaller or less experienced shooters. A revolver loaded with hollow point 38 caliber ammunition will stop a bad guy in his tracks now just as surely as it did more than a century ago.

357 Magnum: the 38 Special’s Big Brother

Introduced in 1934, the 357 Magnum is similar in appearance to the 38 Special. But, when it comes to stopping power, the 357 packs twice the muzzle velocity (1900 FPS versus 940 FPS) and pressure (35,000 PSI versus 17,000 PSI) as its older counterpart.

All of that extra power gives the 357 Magnum a substantially stronger “kick” than the 38 Special. For this reason, we recommend that shooters try both types of ammo before making their final choice. For those who can handle the extra recoil, the 357 Magnum is an excellent self-defense round.

9 mm: The New Kid on the Block

Available in a wide range of configurations, 9 mm handgun ammunition provides formidable stopping power along with excellent accuracy. This caliber has enjoyed explosive popularity since its introduction to the mass market back in the 1980s.

You’ll find plenty of revolvers as well as pistols that are chambered for 9 mm ammunition. With so much versatility, it’s no wonder that this is perhaps the most popular self-defense round on today’s market.

12 gauge 00 Buckshot

12 gauge 00 buckshot is the classic choice for shotgun owners looking for a self-defense round. Devastating at short distances, its limited range makes it less likely to penetrate the walls of the average American home. If you’re looking for a way to deter the bad guys without endangering your loved ones, then 12 gauge 00 shotshell ammunition will do the job admirably.

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