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Lehigh Defense has established a unique niche in the firearms industry with its groundbreaking innovations in ammunition design. Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge Lehigh bullets that exceed performance expectations. This article dives into the fascinating history of Lehigh Defense. 

The Formative Years of Lehigh Defense 

Lehigh Defense’s story began over two decades ago with the production of Swiss CNC machine Match Solid Bullets for competition use. Since then, the company’s unwavering desire to transform the firearms and ammunition industry has propelled them on their path of innovation and excellence. 

Pete Vogel and Mike Cyrus joined Dave Fricke at Lehigh Design in 2004 to use cutting-edge technology to design and manufacture solid brass and copper bullets, including reloading bullets

Dissatisfied with the outdated products on the market at the time, Lehigh Defense delved into uncharted territory with extensive research and rigorous testing to develop a high-performance bullet that would shatter world records and offer unparalleled reliability. 

Lehigh’s Emergence as a Leading Force 

However, the company did not stop there. They shifted their focus to hunting ammunition and its terminal performance, inventing the first Controlled Fracturing bullet for the Muzzleloader industry. What began as a Knight Rifle exclusive has since grown into a full line of Controlled Fracture ammunition. 

The success of the Controlled Fracturing bullet catapulted Lehigh Defense into the spotlight, and the company’s reputation for precision and dependability grew. 

In January 2022, Lehigh Defense joined the group of Wilson-owned firearms and hunting companies that included Chip McCormich Custom, Circle WC Ranch, Khumba Bush Camp, Scattergun Technologies, Wilson Custom Ammunition, and Wilson Combat.  

Lehigh Defense currently has two manufacturing plants: one in South Dakota and one in Pennsylvania. A new facility in northeast Texas is expected to increase production capacity even further. 

Diversification of Lehigh’s Expertise 

As their reputation grew, Lehigh Defense continued to experiment with and improve their ammunition designs. They developed a Subsonic bullet that could match or even outperform the terminal performance of high-velocity bullets. 

Furthermore, Lehigh Defense expanded its product line to include personal defense ammunition with both terminal and barrier performance, capitalizing on the predictability and effectiveness of Controlled Fracture technology. Law enforcement and military personnel have come to trust this revolutionary ammunition because of its exceptional bystander safety. 

The Xtreme Penetrator bullet was released in the spring of 2014 after three years of development. The advantages of solid copper construction were combined with a unique nose geometry in this innovative design, resulting in exceptional penetration and controlled expansion. The Xtreme Penetrator quickly became a popular choice for self-defense applications due to its ability to penetrate through barriers. 

Lehigh’s Commitment to Innovation 

Lehigh Defense has remained committed to its mission of transforming the industry throughout its history. A dedicated team of engineers, researchers, and designers is constantly pushing the envelope of what is conceivable in their relentless pursuit of novel approaches and ground-breaking technologies that will improve the performance of firearms and ammunition. 

To ensure that its products meet the changing needs of shooters worldwide, the company intends to continue challenging conventional norms, investing in cutting-edge research and development, and collaborating with industry leaders. 

Shaping the Future 

Powder Valley is extremely proud of Lehigh Defense’s significant contributions to the advancement of the ammunition industry, and we are confident that the future holds limitless possibilities. Lehigh Defense is poised to continue shaping the industry with its dedicated commitment to innovation, dependability, and superior performance. 

The company’s innovative designs, including the Controlled Fracturing and Xtreme Penetrator bullets, are evidence of its commitment to revolutionizing the industry. These innovative bullets show they’re able to produce ammunition with exceptional terminal ballistics, nimble precision, and unwavering dependability. As the firearms market continues to evolve, their industry recognition, valuable partnerships, and unwavering pursuit of innovation position them for continued success. 

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