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Since our founding in 1984, Powder Valley has offered professional shooters and sportsmen, and women the finest in reloading equipment at the best possible prices. We are particularly proud to be a premier supplier of Winchester powders and reloading supplies and look forward to serving the growing market of gun aficionados who prefer the storied Winchester brand.

Winchester Repeating Arms: A Brief Overview

The Winchester Repeating Arms Company was formed more than 150 years ago to supply lever-action rifles to the intrepid men and women who settled the Western United States. Many of the company’s pre-20th century rifles, prized by pioneers and presidents alike, are now collected as priceless works of art and history.

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, Winchester’s firearm innovations supported military efforts and competitions in sporting clays, trap, and skeet. More than half a million of the company’s Enfield rifles accompanied American troops to Europe during World War I. The ammunition manufacturer, Western Cartridge Company, purchased Winchester during the Great Depression and expanded the brand to new firearm models. Powder Valley currently supports shooters who prefer the current iteration of handguns with its Winchester small pistol primers.

Winchester’s rifles likewise supported Allied efforts during World War II and other armed conflicts. The company continued to innovate through the second half of the 20th century– as its products became the standard in popular culture, shooting competitions, and sharpshooting displays.

The company continues to thrive amid the challenges posed by the 21st century. Within the past ten years alone, Winchester has introduced its new Super X Pump shotgun, its Blind Side Steel ammunition, which features a novel “hex” shape shot and diamond cut, and its 17 Winchester Super Mangum cartridges. With a muzzle exit velocity of 3,000 feet per second, the 17 Super Magnum is the fastest commercial production rimfire cartridge available throughout the globe.   

Powder Valley Inc.: A Legacy of Support

Powder Valley’s founders recognized that professional and recreational sportsmen and women wanted powder and other shooting supplies that offered high quality at reasonable prices. Our current owners rose to the challenge of becoming a single source for every type of powder and primer that a shooter might need, including Winchester shotshell primers and other supplies that serve the needs of Winchester brand enthusiasts. 

We ship shooting supplies from our 20,000-square foot warehouse in Winfield, Kansas, to locations throughout the contiguous lower 48 states. We work tirelessly to maintain our status as a leader in the shooting supply industry with an unwavering focus on superior customer support and pricing.

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