What Is FFFG Powder?

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FFFG powder is a fine-grained propellant used primarily in small caliber black powder revolvers like the 1851 Colt Navy revolver. Here at Powder Valley, we carry a large selection of high-quality powders and other vintage shooting supplies for reloaders.

What Is FFFG Powder?

To fully understand what FFFG powder is, let’s first look at how black gunpowder is classified. It falls into four primary categories:

  1. FG – an extremely coarse powder used in very large weapons like cannons. It’s generally reserved for battlefield reenactments.
  2. FFG – this is more heavily refined than FG powder. It’s used in both black powder rifles and large caliber black powder revolvers.
  3. FFFG – this is even more refined than FFG powder. Its fine grains make it the propellant of choice for smaller black powder revolvers like the aforementioned 1851 Navy Colt.
  4. FFFFG – this is the finest type of black powder available on today’s market. It’s used almost exclusively as a priming powder for flintlock weapons.

FFFG versus FFG: What’s the Difference?

The answer is that FFFG is more finely ground for use in smaller weapons with intricate firing mechanisms.

For this reason, you should never try to substitute one type of black powder for another.Here’s what can happen if you do:

  • Your bullets will not achieve the desired velocity – limiting their range and effectiveness.
  • You’re likely to experience frequent misfires – which, as any black powder shooter knows, can be a frustrating and time-consuming problem to correct.
  • You may damage the weapon itself – requiring an expensive trip to the gunsmith. In fact, you may even destroy the firearm and have to replace it entirely.

What Will Happen If I Use Modern Smokeless Powder in a Black Powder Weapon?

While we’re on this topic, we should mention that modern smokeless powder should never be used in a black powder weapon. If you do, then the gun can literally blow apart in your hand, causing serious injury to yourself and those nearby. Only use the products and supplies authorized by the firearm’s manufacturer.

It’s important to never mix different types of black powder together. In fact, professional shooters recommend keeping your powder canisters separate when loading your weapons to avoid the slightest possibility of making this mistake.

Schuetzen FFFG Black Powder

Goex is a time-tested and trusted name in the black powder community, and we are proud to offer Goex FFFF black powder. Additionally, Schuetzen powder and supplies are manufactured to the highest possible standards in Sweden, using methods that have been developed over centuries of European craftsmanship. Products such as Schuetzen black powder FFF are known for providing superior results every time.

We’re proud to include the Schuetzen name among the many fine brands we sell. Place your order with Powder Valley today for competitive prices and speedy delivery.