What Is Reloder 26 Reloading Powder?

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Reloder 26 reloading powder is a propellant known for producing ultra-high velocities in magnum cartridges. Made by Alliant, Reloder 26 offers excellent temperature stability, reliable cross-batch performance, and consistent performance across a wide range of calibers.

Is Reloder 26 Temp Stable?

Yes. This is critically important when it comes to long-distance rifle shooting. In the past, changes in powder temperatures have caused bullets to act erratically, making them go high or low and ruining an otherwise great shooting opportunity.

To defeat this problem, the folks at Alliant worked with the Swiss chemical manufacturer Nitrochemie to develop the Reloder line of propellants, which have shown remarkable consistency across a wide range of temperatures. With the release of Reloder 26, Alliant is putting this advantage to work on behalf of precision shooters and long-range hunters alike.


Added Advantages of Reloder 26

Temperature stability is only one of the features of Reloder 26. Others include:

  • High bulk density – essentially, this means that the reloader can pack more power into the cartridge, improving performance without compromising safety.
  • Extreme velocities due to El® technology – in fact, shooters have reported an increase of more than 100 feet per second (FPS) using Reloder 26 vs. other powders.
  • Slow burn rates – this is a desirable quality in magnum rifle powders, since it results in higher velocities and greater overall power.
  • Clean burning characteristics – since Reloder 26 is made with cotton-based nitrocellulose, rather than the wool-based products commonly found among lower quality powders.

Reloder 26 Is a Stick Powder. What Does This Mean?

The term “stick powder” refers to the actual shape of the granules. If you were to look at Reloder 26 under a magnifying glass, it would resemble tiny branches or sticks. Here’s why this is important for reloading:

  • Stick powders are more stable across a wide range of temperatures.
  • Stick powders are more consistent since they can be coated with special chemicals that allow them to burn in a more uniform manner than other types of powder.
  • Stick powders improve accuracy, especially when it comes to long-distance rifle shooting.


Measuring Reloder 26 and Other Stick Powders

One traditional disadvantage of stick powders is their tendency to get stuck when being poured out for measuring, a problem known in the reloading community as “cutting kernels.” Fortunately, there are two easy ways to deal with this problem:

  • Continue to grind the powder even if you notice resistance – as long as you make sure the final results are within tolerance.
  • Switch to a digital scale. Many reloaders say that this resolves the problem entirely.

Reloder 26 Powder for Reloading

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