What Is Vectan Powder?

Vectan is the brand name for a series of reloading powders manufactured in France. There are 19 formulations currently available on the market, five of which are meant purely for use in handguns.

Vectan is known for its consistent performance across a wide range of calibers and ammunition types. Here at Powder Valley, we are proud to include them among the many fine companies whose products we carry.

Vectan Powder Propellant Profile

As with any brand of powder, Vectan’s performance can vary somewhat from one type of ammunition to the next. However, reloaders have noted the following general characteristics about the brand:

  • The company’s rifle powders seem to burn slightly slower than competing American versions – although range performance is more than adequate.
  • Velocity spread is on target with published data – with only minute variations occurring when using heavier bullets.
  • All Vectan powders burn exceptionally clean – with almost no barrel corrosion whatsoever, even after repeated use.
  • Target groupings are especially tight – especially at the lower end of the powder charge range.
  • Vectan stick propellants (designated by the company as “Ba”) are known for providing excellent results with both target and practice loads.
  • Vectan Tubal 3000, one of Vectan’s line of tubular powders, is noted for working especially well with 30-30 Winchester.

General Guidelines for Working With Vectan Reloading Powders

As with any type of smokeless powder, it’s important to observe the following safety guidelines when working with Vectan products:

  • Always wear safety glasses – in case of powder or primer discharge.
  • Avoid all distractions – never try to watch TV, listen to music, or use your cell phone while reloading ammo. This is one occasion when multitasking can backfire in a big way.
  • Keep heat sources well away from powder and primers – including electric space heaters. You should never use open flame heat sources of any type in your reloading area.
  • Minimize exposure to lead – wash your hands often, avoid eating and drinking when reloading, and tidy up the area frequently to prevent lead particles from accumulating.
  • Use a powder check system – either visual or automated.
  • Use a reliable reloading scale – verify that the scale is set at the zero mark before each use.
  • Never start with the maximum permitted load – it’s better to start on the low end and work your way up.
  • Keep accurate records – a logbook is essential for knowing what you’ve done right as well as what you’ve done wrong.
  • Avoid using rugs or carpet in your reloading area – not only can their fibers attract lead residues, but they can also create static electrical sparks.
  • Follow the manual – we can never say this enough. Deviating from the official recommended formulas is a recipe for disaster.

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