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Best 308 Powder for Reloaders

One of the most popular cartridges over the last several decades, the 308 Winchester has long been a favorite of both hunters and target shooters. Because of its popularity, there’s currently a massive selection of smokeless powder designed with the 308/7.62mm NATO cartridge in mind. The good news is, the vast majority of these powders are effective and reliable. As long as you use quality bullets, cases, and primers, you should have no trouble handloading consistent, accurate rounds with most of the powders out there. Below is our guide to finding the best 308 powder for your needs.

How to Pick the Best Reloading 308 Powder

It goes without saying that the reloading 308 powder you choose is going to have a lot to do with the type of bullet you choose. Generally, lighter bullets need powder with faster burn rates, and the inverse is true when it comes to heavier bullets. We’re looking for powder that is easy to measure, ignites well in a range of different environments, and always provides consistent power.

Most Accurate 308 Powders

One of the most versatile powders in the IMR line, 4064 is a great choice for most standard use cases. It’s excellent for deer hunting and mid–long range target shooting, depending on the bullets you choose. An extruded powder, it’s fairly easy to meter, though perhaps not as easy as ball powders. Since it can be used in almost any rifle cartridge out there, it’s a great powder to have on hand, even if you pick up a new firearm that isn’t a 308.

Other exceptional choices include:

  • Hodgdon H4895 and IMR 4895 (not the same powder, so make sure you follow the specific loading instructions for each)
  • Norma 203-B
  • Vihtavuori N150
  • Varget powder, also from Hodgdon

Hodgdon CFE 223 is another popular choice, and it’s designed to reduce copper fouling, which is great for the health of your barrel.

RamShot Tac and Alliant RL-15 and RL-17 also get high marks from both match shooters and hunters.

Smart Shooters Order Online

For a huge selection, quick shipping, and the lowest possible price, Powder Valley is the place to buy 308 powder from all the top brands. Find powder that is available in 1lb containers, which are perfect for experimenting, and 8lb jugs if you want to stock up.

Reload with quality powder and components, and land that 12-point buck with a perfectly placed kill shot. Help every round reach its target with the best powder on the market.

3 thoughts on “Best 308 Powder for Reloaders

  1. My son has a 308 Remington and he bought 18 0 grain bullets what would be the perfect gun powder for mid to long range shooting without hurting the barrel

  2. I will be loading 150 and 165 grain. Would that make any difference?

    1. I’m an old National Match shooter and have fired tens of thousands of reloads downrange with every compatible powder out there and H4895 has stood head and shoulders above any other with 125 – 168 gr. bullets. I buy it 32 lbs. at a time or more and it’s never let me down in my Garands, M1a’s, and a M700 in 308. I swear to you I have a Garand that shoots under 1 moa with this powder and no other and I get measurable accuracy increases with it in my other rifles. You might get more velocity with another powder but in my experience with mid range loads in 308 and 30/06 H4895 is the most accurate powder I’ve ever loaded in my ammo.

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