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Science of Bullet Ballistics: Trajectory, Velocity, and Impact

Bullet ballistics delves into the science behind the flight path of bullets, including the factors that influence their trajectory, velocity, and impact. Understanding bullet ballistics is crucial not only for marksmen and hunters but also for law enforcement, military personnel, and forensic experts. Exterior Ballistics Exterior ballistics is the study of a bullet’s behavior from […]

Whether you hunt for sport or sustenance, your choice in ammunition can significantly impact the effectiveness, ethics, and safety of your hunt. Selecting the right ammunition involves careful consideration of factors such as the type of game, caliber, bullet type, and legal regulations. Here’s how to select the right ammunition for hunting. Understanding Your Game […]

A lot number is a unique code utilized in manufacturing that enables many valuable benefits during and after the manufacturing process. Lot numbers on ammunition boxes are crucial for several reasons: Quality Control Lot numbers are used to identify batches of ammunition for quality control purposes. By assigning a unique lot number to each batch, […]

The ammunition manufacturing process involves several steps, from the acquisition of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product. This process can vary, depending on the type of ammo and the manufacturing facility, but here is a general overview. Raw Material Acquisition Case Manufacturing Primer Manufacturing Bullet Manufacturing Powder Charging Primer Insertion Bullet Seating […]

Getting started in competitive shooting can be an exciting journey for a novice shooter. Whether you’re interested in pistol, rifle, shotgun, or other shooting disciplines, we’ve narrowed down some steps and considerations to help you get started. Research and Choose a Discipline: Prioritize Safety: Get the Necessary Equipment: Join a Local Shooting Club or Range: […]

Competitive shooting demands precision, skill, and discipline. Whether it’s Olympic shooting events, action shooting matches, or clay pigeon contests, safety is paramount. Shooting firearms inherently comes with risk, so comprehensive safety measures are crucial to ensure the well-being of participants and spectators. Firearm Safety The cornerstone of safety in competitive shooting competitions is firearm safety. […]

Copper, lead, and steel are commonly used materials for bullets, each with its own set of characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Here’s a comparison of these three bullet materials: Copper Bullets Advantages Disadvantages Lead Bullets Advantages Disadvantages Steel Bullets Advantages Disadvantages The choice of bullet material depends on the specific application of ammunition and preferences of […]

What is Ambient Temperature? Ambient temperature refers to the temperature of the surrounding environment where a firearm is being used. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can alter bullet velocity, trajectory, and overall accuracy, making it a worthy consideration for precision shooters and competitive shooters alike.  It’s an important concept to understand to maintain optimal […]

Training drills play a crucial role in competitive shooting success. Competitive shooting demands precision, consistency, and a high level of skill, and training drills are essential for developing and maintaining these skills. Here are some key ways training drills contribute to competitive shooting success. Training drills are fundamental to competitive shooting success. They help shooters […]