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HP38 is a spherical pistol powder that is great for low velocity and mid-range target
loads in 38 Special, 44 Special and 45 ACP. This high energy powder provides economy in

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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91 reviews for Hodgdon Hp38

  1. Dan Jones (verified owner)

    Good price and fast shipping

  2. Charles Dekens (verified owner)

  3. mr b. (verified owner)

    pleased to find this powder at a reasonable price in the 8 lb. cannister

  4. SAMMY MUNOZ (verified owner)

  5. Tim L. (verified owner)

    Fine Job.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast delivery

  7. ROBERT C GERENA (verified owner)

    It’s HP38,not much else to say.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Michael (verified owner)

  10. Larry Smith (verified owner)

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

  12. ROBERT DANEKER (verified owner)

    Always quick shipping

  13. Aaron Chambers (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. We’ll packed. Your my new powder guy. Thank you.

  14. Kelly Coats (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great packaging A+

  15. Albert K Wittenberg (verified owner)

  16. GREG (verified owner)

    The powder is great, just like Powder Valley!!

  17. Jeff D. (verified owner)

    I received just what I ordered and the delivery time was great.

  18. martin m. (verified owner)

    This is a good “all around” pistol powder, low residue, cleans easily and works great in all my non-magnum pistols.
    As I am fairly new to reloading, it has been nice being able to try out different powder and primer combinations. . Thank you Powder Valley for a great price and extremely fast shipping.

  19. LARRY (verified owner)

    It was in stock as promised, shipped and arrived quickly and price not out of whack – like they had been everywhere for a long time

  20. mike (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, product as described!

  21. Matthew (verified owner)

    affordable and fast

  22. MICHAEL GORDON (verified owner)

    Awesome ?.

  23. Theodore L. (verified owner)

    In stock and quick ship!

  24. Jacob Thomas (verified owner)

    I was needing some powder that would be good for mainly 250gr 45 Colt and other pistol calibers such as 9mm and 45acp. This powder is a bit slower burning than Titegroup and thus is better for slightly heavier bullets. PV had HP-38 in stock for a decent price considering the market in 2022 so I ordered from them on a Saturday and received them on the following Thursday! Not bad, PV!

  25. Steven Cook (verified owner)

  26. Kathryn Martin (verified owner)

  27. John K. (verified owner)

  28. Travis (verified owner)

    Quick and easy. Everything as expected.

  29. ROBERT BOLDING (verified owner)

    Great to see it available and at a reasonable price. Thanks.

  30. Robert Guerry (verified owner)

  31. faustino valdez (verified owner)


  32. VERNON (verified owner)

    For a powder that is so hard to acquire to load for handguns, it was not hard until I found Powder Valley. Now I can do my reloading.

  33. Richard Scott (verified owner)

  34. jimmy carter (verified owner)

  35. David G. (verified owner)

  36. Randie RICKERT (verified owner)

  37. david R. (verified owner)

    quick and great packing job

  38. Franco (verified owner)

  39. GARY B. (verified owner)

    Powder valley has not gone crazy with pricing . Keeping things real and in stock

  40. Marc (verified owner)

  41. Will L. (verified owner)

  42. Mark Rose (verified owner)

  43. david Rumiez (verified owner)

  44. John D. (verified owner)

    Fair price

  45. Robert Johnson (verified owner)

  46. Robert VanDeventer (verified owner)

  47. Cecil M. (verified owner)

    Love this HP-38 and price is OK

  48. FREDRICK EVEREST (verified owner)

    I’ve been loading 9mm, 38, 45 and 40’s with this powder for years. Can’t beat it for consistency and accurate measuring in my Dillon 550.

  49. steve foster (verified owner)

    super fast shipping, but like everything else too expensive. Great packing

  50. TJ R. (verified owner)

  51. Derek C. (verified owner)

    Shipped fast great company

  52. Randy (verified owner)

    Great place to do business. Fast, and they have lots of the items I need in stock!

  53. Michael (verified owner)

    Quick and easy to order what I wanted.

  54. William S. (verified owner)

  55. Scott S. (verified owner)

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

  57. Gary Keese (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping

  58. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Good powder, great price and delivery.

  59. Dan N. (verified owner)

  60. Anonymous (verified owner)

  61. Jeff Owings (verified owner)

    Great price

  62. kevin g. (verified owner)

  63. Jeffrey W. (verified owner)

    Just what I ordered.

  64. Anonymous (verified owner)

  65. Richard Storey (verified owner)

    Best price delivery when said shop here a lot

  66. GERALD (verified owner)

    In Stock and Shipped Quickly

  67. George K. (verified owner)

    “Better than the best!!!!!”

  68. JOSEPH P. (verified owner)

  69. David G. (verified owner)

  70. Steven (verified owner)

  71. Vincent (verified owner)

    Love this stuff

  72. DENNIS BEHNKE (verified owner)

    I use this powder with 147 gr. lead bullets in 9mm, Nice mild load!

  73. Anonymous (verified owner)

  74. Phillip K. (verified owner)

    Good price and fast shipping

  75. ROBERT (verified owner)

  76. Kelly G. (verified owner)

  77. Art Webber (verified owner)

    Good product, good price!

  78. JEFFERY Z. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and fast shipping.

  79. Il sop (verified owner)

    Best price, best shipping. No need to look elsewhere. This company is the best I’ve dealt with.

  80. Mark Envolsen (verified owner)

  81. Penny (verified owner)

    Quick service
    Product was well described on their web site.

  82. JAMES WALLIS (verified owner)

  83. JOHN S. (verified owner)

  84. MICHAEL (verified owner)

  85. David Feagans (verified owner)

  86. Ron (verified owner)

    Nice powder. I use it in my 357 mag. Metering is perfect down to the tenth of a gram and thats out of my old 1970 RCBS meter.

  87. Steve V. (verified owner)

  88. Clyde (verified owner)

    Have been looking for this powder and Powder Valley had it in stock.

  89. THOMAS S. (verified owner)

    Great powder for my handguns. Fast delivery.

  90. Katherine Cronk (verified owner)

  91. Kevin L. (verified owner)

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