PMC KVB-762N Large Rifle Berdan Primers (1000 ct box)

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PMC KVB-762N Large Rifle Berdan Primers (1000 ct box)

We found a very limited supply of surplus PMC Large Rifle Berdan Primers. These are non-corrosive. These primers have been stored in their original packaging in a climate controlled environment. Manufactured by Murom in Russia for PMC, these are high quality, reliable primers.

PMC KVB-762N Large Rifle Berdan Primers are a smart choice for dependability and consistency. Powder Valley carries PMC KVB-762N Large Rifle Berdan primers in 1000-ct boxes.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –

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9 reviews for PMC KVB-762N Large Rifle Berdan Primers (1000 ct box)

  1. ARTHUR BANKS (verified owner)

    Thanks for doing a great service to the shooting community.

  2. KEVIN S. (verified owner)

    Once again, Powder Valley had something that no one else had in stock and was able to bring it to the market at a very fair price. These Berdan 7.62N large rifle primers were like unicorns for the past 4yrs.+ and they found some. Now, I’m able to reload for the surplus Russian 7.62x54r and 7.62×51 Nato brass cases I have on hand.
    Their ability to fill the order and shipping was very quick. What more than can one ask for?. I’m a happy camper and will continue to use Powder valley as one of my go to reloading supplies and components companies. Good job for their continued service to the reloading community.

  3. steve gallacci (verified owner)

    Quick and simple service. Only disappointed that you all were subsequently sold out.

  4. Nicholas (verified owner)

  5. Roger F. (verified owner)

    I hope to use these to reload my Swiss 7.5 brass.

  6. Robert (verified owner)

  7. Howard Schmidt (verified owner)

  8. Roger L. (verified owner)

    So glad i seen and purchased these, who knows when will see again if ever. Powder Valley is the best!!!!’

  9. Steven G. (verified owner)

    Good service, the package arrived early and UPS was helpful. Very few places still sell berdan primers. They work in 7.5 swiss brass.

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