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For Use With Cartridges: 22-250 Remington (.22 Varm), 240 Weatherby Magnum, 243 Winchester, 6mm Bench Rest Remington, 6mm Remington (.244 Remington), 25-06, 250 Savage (.250-3000 Savage), 257 Roberts, 257 Roberts Improved (40°) *, 260 Remington, 6.5mm-06, 6.5-284 Winchester, 284 Winchester, 7mm Bench Rest Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, 7mm x 57 Mauser (7mm Mauser), 7mm x 64 Brenneke, 30 T/C, 30-06 Springfield, 300 Savage, 7.65mm x 53 Mauser (Belgian), 400 CorBon, 45 Glock Action Pistol, 22 Creedmore, 6mm GT, 7.7mm x 58 Japanese Arisaka, 8mm x 57 Mauser (8mm Mauser), 8mm-06, 338 Federal, .338-06, 35 Whelen, 358 Winchester, 9.3mm x 62 Mauser, 370 Sako Mag/9.3×66 Sako. RCBS Shellholders are made from the highest quality steel and are designed to fit any single stage reloading press.RCBS Single Stage shell holders are built from hardened steel and designed to properly align the case with the reloading die in single-stage and turret presses. They’re sized to fit specific case heads and capture 0.125 inch of the case head for proper SAAMI headspacing.

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