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Starline 7.62x39mm Brass Bag of 50

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All Starline is bulk packed; for example, if you order 10 bags of 50 it will be packed as a single bag of 500 pieces.

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The 7.62x39mm was developed in Russia as a mid-size military cartridge and is among the most widespread military cartridges used today. The AK47 and its variants, along with the SKS, have made this cartridge very popular in the civilian market due to the sheer number of affordable surplus firearms available. This caliber can also be had in AR-15 type rifles (requiring only a different bolt, barrel and magazine), as well as the Ruger Mini-30. Bolt action rifles are now available from companies such as CZ, Ruger, and Howa.

This close-medium range caliber is suitable for varmints and deer-size game when loaded with suitable expanding-type bullets.

This Starline brass is sized for use with the standard .311″ diameter bullets, it will need to be neck sized if used with .308″ diameter bullets.

**WARNING** In firearms that use a floating firing pin (such as the AR-15 and its variants), dropping the bolt on a chambered round could lead to a slam fire. It is important that these firearms are loaded from the magazine so that the bolt loses inertia when it strips a round from the magazine. It is also important NOT to use sensitive primers that aren’t designed for use in an AR, as this increases the chance of a slam fire.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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  1. Samuel Griesel (verified owner)

    All the pieces where clean and uniform, ready to worked and loaded. Very happy with them.

    Samuel Griesel (verified owner)

  2. Ray Simpson (verified owner)

    Ray Simpson (verified owner)

  3. Alexander McMillan (verified owner)

    I have purchased numerous items from Powder Valley and they have always been top notch. They are at the top of my list when searching for anything reloading. Thank you for your outstanding service!!!

    Alexander McMillan (verified owner)

  4. Joseph Aichner (verified owner)

    Joseph Aichner (verified owner)

  5. WILLIAM BOYD (verified owner)

    WILLIAM BOYD (verified owner)

  6. Lynn M. Davis (verified owner)

    Always happy with products and service.

    Lynn M. Davis (verified owner)

  7. Floyd Collier (verified owner)

    Excellent quality as with all other calibers of Starline brass

    Floyd Collier (verified owner)

  8. Billy D Kittley (verified owner)

    Starline is the best brass made,

    Powder Valley has the best service and prices available.

    Shipped super fast.

    Billy D Kittley (verified owner)

  9. Stephen (verified owner)

    Very nice brass at a good price

    Stephen (verified owner)

  10. Brett Hickman (verified owner)

    Great brass, all uniform

    Brett Hickman (verified owner)

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