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Alliant Green Dot Powder is unbeatable when it comes to improving accuracy and reducing felt recoil with handi-cap or lightweight 20gauge loads. And now it’s better than ever, thanks to the optimized version that was released in 2018. Powder Valley is proud to offer this exceptional powder to reloaders who want clean-burning consistency, load after load. What makes Alliant’s Green Dot Powder so special? Here’s what our customers love about it:

  • Superior clean-burning formula
  • Substantially reduced fouling
  • Superior patterning
  • Low recoil
  • Consistent lot-to-lot quality
  • Designed for Handi-Cap Trap Loads
  • Made in USA

Buy Green Dot Powder and other reloading supplies from leading manufacturers at Powder Valley, your one-stop ammo superstore. We do everything possible to keep the products you need in stock, and pride ourselves on offering our valued customers the most competitive online prices along with the fastest shipping. Read on below for a closer look at the many benefits of using Alliant Green Dot Powder.

History of Alliant Green Dot Powder: Consistent Performance

Alliant powders have enjoyed a fine reputation over the years, thanks to their consistent performance. That’s why they’re the first choice for competitive shotgun shooters around the world.

But good is never good enough for the experts at Alliant. That’s why they took a second look at Green Dot’s classic formula back in the mid-2010s. After years of research, they were able to tweak its chemical composition in key ways, creating an almost entirely new product.

The new version of Green Dot Powder made its first appearance at the 2018 SHOT in Las Vegas and earned rave reviews. It’s enjoyed constant demand ever since, keeping the folks at Alliant busy supplying eager customers.

So, what makes the reformulated Green Dot formula better than the original? The answer comes down to four big breakthroughs:

  1. Cleaner burning – your weapons experience far less fouling than with the legacy version.
  2. Less recoil – making your shotgun not only more accurate but also more comfortable to shoot.
  3. Tighter patterns – so your shot will go straight to the clay pigeon instead of scattering all through the air.
  4. Superior consistency – so you’ll get the same results load after load.

The new Green Dot Powder is extremely economical as well. In fact, the 1 lb. bottle can give you up to 350 12gauge reloads. Compare this to what you’d spend buying factory-loaded shells and the cost advantages become clear.

What Is Alliant Green Dot Powder Powder Used For?

Green Dot Powder is formulated primarily for handi-cap trap loads. But it’s also a versatile solution for a wide range of other shooting situations, both on the target range and out in the field. And, like all Alliant powders, it’s made right here in the USA.

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