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Why Is There a Primer Supply Shortage?

If you’ve tried to purchase ammo or reloading supplies lately, you’ve probably noticed a lot of products are out of stock. Of all the components needed to reload ammo, it seems primers are the toughest to find, prompting many reloaders to refer to the current crisis as “The Great Primer Shortage of 2020.” The primer supply shortage doesn’t just affect reloaders, though. It’s also limiting the production of many popular types of ammunition. This can be frustrating for shooters and hunters looking to keep their edge on the range, and can be concerning for preppers, survivalists, and others who are concerned about their safety.

We are in the midst of the greatest primer shortage of all time, and we don’t see things getting better anytime soon.  Read on as the experts from Powder Valley delve deeper into the primer shortage of 2020.

A Massive Increase in Demand

Like any other product in a market economy, primers are subject to the whims of supply and demand. As far as demand is concerned, a perfect storm of factors has caused a run on the ammo market like we’ve never quite seen before. A mix of the Covid-19 pandemic, civil unrest, and the possibility of an anti-2nd amendment President and Senate has caused demand to skyrocket. The pandemic specifically has incentivized shooters to learn how to reload their own ammo.

We have an extremely large number of new reloaders who have entered the market. The NSSF estimates that first time gun owners has increased to 6.2 million people over the past few months. Unfortunately, many of those reloaders entered the market anticipating that it would be easier to make their own ammo since readily available ammunition was so difficult to find.  With shortages of bullets, powder, brass and primers, that has simply not been the case

Since so many people have lost a chunk, or all of their income, it makes sense that reloading, which saves on the cost of ammo at the expense of time, would become more popular than ever. Even if you’re financially stable, reloading and shooting are great socially distant activities you can do while the movie theaters, bowling alleys, and bars are shut down. With little answers on the virus, it’s hard to see when these closures and limitations will end. This is why we believe this could end up being the greatest primer shortage of all time.


When there is a primer shortage the first thing people normally point to is consumer hoarding.  We believe this is having an impact on availability, but probably not to the extreme that many think.  There are definitely some profiteers who buy primers and then sell them on auction sites or other multi list sites.  This is why many online retailers have now chosen to limit the purchase quantities to an extreme low level in an effort to reduce this.

Disruptions in the Supply Chain

Demand, however, is just one part of the story. Disruptions in the supply chain have also made a big impact on the availability of primers. When it comes to ammunition supplies, bullets are easy to manufacture, brass can be re-used, and powder is generally stockpiled by companies (though perhaps not the kind you’re looking for). This leaves primers, which are relatively difficult to make, as the component that causes the bulk of ammo shortages.

In the U.S., only four companies (Winchester, Remington, Federal, and CCI) manufacture primers for civilian use, law enforcement, and the military. Even under perfect circumstances, there’s only so much they can produce at once, and needless to say, circumstances have not been perfect during the pandemic. People getting sick, missing work to take care of their kids, and self-quarantining – from factory workers to delivery drivers, and all throughout the supply chain – caused a lull in manufacturing this spring.

The Remington bankruptcy has had a large impact on the shortage of ammo and primers.  With Remington in a state of financial insolvency for the past two years, suppliers were demanding payment upon delivery for products.  Remington simply did not have the financial capabilities to have an abundance of raw materials on hand and had to shutter some of their production capacity.  Barnes bullets and primers were hit particularly hard in the reloading market.  With the recent purchase of Remington by Vista, there is a good chance that Vista will be diverting CCI and Federal primers that would typically go to reloaders to Remington ammunition production.  Remington primer production capacity has never been great.  The hope would be that Vista will place more emphasis on getting the Remington primer production capacity increased substantially and quickly.  The best news coming out of this is for Barnes fans.  With Sierra’s purchase of Barnes we anticipate the availability of Barnes bullets to increase substantially in a very short period of time.

In 2008 we saw a huge influx of Russian primers.  We are not seeing that this time as the Murom Apparatus Producing plant is only producing at partial capacity due to the COVID-19 restrictions. On top of that, there have been changes in upper management at Murom which have caused further disruptions. But, we are very hopeful that these changes will have a positive effect on production and distribution in the long run.

With import restrictions out of Russia, we do not anticipate seeing the help we had from them in 2008-2012.  We had also seen S&B, Unis Ginex and other foreign brands of primers enter the market during the shortages to relieve some of the pressure, but aren’t seeing that influx of primers this time around.  The lack of foreign primers on the market is a major reason we believe this shortage is going to last for quite some time.  We may see some help from foreign primers, but we don’t anticipate the large volumes we’ve seen previously.

What Should You Do?

As an individual, as of right now, there’s little you can do in the face of the reloading equipment supplies shortage. Keep checking your trusted online distributor Powder Valley for new arrivals of primers from all four manufacturers.

We have created some very stringent limitations on the purchase of primers in an effort to help as many people as possible work through this extremely tough time.  Normally, we would say “stock up.” But that time has passed, and I would encourage everyone to learn from this.  Stock up in times of plentiful supply so that you are not affected as greatly during these times of extreme shortage.

In the meantime I would encourage everyone to pray for our country and our leaders as we navigate this perilous situation.

253 thoughts on “Why Is There a Primer Supply Shortage?

  1. Think I’ll take up knitting.

    1. Wool shortage coming soon. Lol

      1. No wool shortage coming, there’s plenty of sheeple!

        1. Amen!

        2. Just stand by. Soon there will be someone from the government coming around with a supply to try to pull over your eyes.

    2. Learn how to throw the knitting needles…lol

    3. If you’re going to approach knitting as you’d approach reloading you’re going to need some sheep…

      1. America is full of them

    4. Exactly. My guns are just expensive paperweights now.

    5. Everyone reading this is now frantically buying up knitting needles and yarn.

    6. Yeah… but the yarn is made in China….so……

    7. Well at least you’ll stay warm.

    8. Praying it will get better. I love to reload

    9. Thank you for info. It would help if powdervalley would upgrade website to allow for pre-purchase backorder with ETA pv gets from the big 4. This benefits pv and customers because it wont be about how many times a day we check..hoping to get lucky…

      1. We don’t normally get ETA’s. And, when we do, they are normally wrong. Many people think that when a company like us places an order with the manufacturer that we receive the order in x number of days. That’s simply not anywhere near correct. We still have products we’re receiving from orders placed in February and March and most of those items are only being received in partial quantities.

    10. ???

    11. There’s a shortage on yarn too.

    12. Have any primers you want to sell if you’re moving on to new hobbies? 😉

    13. Or macrame 🙂

    14. “You’ll POKE your eye out! “

    15. Knit me some primers then!

    16. That’s a great idea Tom. Just think about how much better you will feel, relaxing in your front room, a skeen of yarn by your side and your knitting needles clicking away while a beautiful comforter materalizes in front of you from your dilligent efforts.

    17. Atlatl that shoots knitting needles?

    18. You didn’t here a shortage on yarn

    19. Canada has an abundance of primers, cannot be shipped to US. Obama is the cause

      1. Under what reason? What law prohibits the import of primers from Canada?

    20. I don’t understand why we the people here in the USA can’t get primers, yet you go to gun store website in Canada and they have them in stock. Something is amiss here…..

    21. I’m one that saw all this coming and stocked up early,my prediction I see soon the housing market will have a glut of for closures ,building supplies will be the next shortages

  2. I have never liked the term hoarding. It implies selfish or self-serving behavior. I call it….saving for a rainy day. Well, we are in a proverbial monsoon downpour right now. When supply does improve, remember folks….stack it high and stack it deep. Prepare for the next downturn.

  3. This is going to really hurt competition shooting. The pros seem to still have a bottomless supply but the rest of us will have to cut down or eliminate live fire practice. It will also make it near impossible for new shooters in these sports to even get a proper start and may force them to abandon their idea of becoming a practical shooter at all. If I ration what I have, for example, planning on attending several majors and club matches forces me to eliminate all live fire practice until spring. I wonder what the cost of opening a new manufacturing plant would be and if it’s even a feasible idea for these companies.

  4. No disrespect to ammo buyers, but if he big four are diverting the components to ammo manufacturing at the expense of the personal ammo makers, that’s wrong. The personal ammo makers are a huge part of their sales and will always be there because they are loyal shooters.

    1. It’s a business, plain and simple. That’s how consumer economics works. You sell to your high profit areas first. You would too.

    2. If they’re diverting all the components to ammo manufacturers, that explains the glut of newly manufactured ammo. Wait, um….

  5. we don’t see things getting better anytime soon.

    What do you think a realistic time frame might be that primers will become available?

    1. Remember what some of the democrats were saying before the election. They want to curtail your right to keep and bear arms, so when they control the ammo, they control your firearms. I suggest that if you are short on ammo that you practice with airguns and save the ammo for the days when you will need it.

      1. Oboma was elected no 22s Biden was elected no reloading supplies seems odd

  6. So the Maple Leaf eating folks in North Montana don’t ship to the US. Thanks for nothing Nanook!!!!

  7. Cross bows, long bows and compounds don’t need primers, at least they give you something to shoot with.

  8. From the Distributors who sell to Retail –

    A single large buyer placed an order for 400 Million primers in early September.

    Industry capacity is roughly 4.6 million primers per day.

    So the single large order buys up production for about 90 days.

    I expect that there will be some availability in mid-December, except for that being Christmas etc.

  9. Another result of this madness is the lack of availability of rimfire ammunition. Obviously that has nothing to do with centerfire cartridge primers, but it’s a real problem. Due to the ammo and components shortages, as well as insanely high prices, I have switched to .22 LR for IDPA and USPSA matches. However, I’ve recently seen .22 LR (if you can find it) going for up to 30 cents per round! Honestly, I don’t understand why. The .22 LR is not a good self defense cartridge, it’s not reloadable, and it doesn’t require primers in the traditional sense. Most new gun owners are opting for 9mm and other popular centerfire chamberings. Why then is .22 LR so hard to get now and why is the price so high?

    1. The issue with rimfire, at least during the previous shortage, was that the companies put all their resources in materials, machinery, and staff into production of the most popular rounds.

    2. Because when the centerfire ammo is outrageously priced and or unavailable to practice with everyone runs for the .22!

  10. Please let us put them on Backorder so when in it gets charged and ship’s making it easy and simple.

    1. Exactly

  11. It’s all those youngsters buying those ar14’s and thinking that need a glock- this ain’t the Boogaloo- your preventing families from hunting

  12. The article is informative. While I’m aware of the desire and support efforts to confound the profiteers from buying quantity and reselling them, Power Valley’s current primer restrictions are not helpful. Limiting regular PV primer customers to purchasing a single box of 1,000 that incurs the full hazmat charge only richens the shipping companies and applies a huge penalty to the buyer. Limiting purchases to 1,000 is ok if I can have the order held and combined with other orders to minimize hazmat, though I understand why PV has no interest in allowing a “layaway” approach. I’d like to see more thoughtful approach to allow your regular customers to get in line without hoarding and costing us all a fortune in hazmat.

  13. Thanks Bryan.
    The most important thing you said is PRAY to God for our country and our elected?? leaders.
    There is a war for the soul of our nation going on like never before. All the years of letting God be taken out of society has caught up to us but it’s not too late to put Him back in charge. Personally and as a nation

    1. Vince, so true. We are seeing the definition of spiritual warfare taking place before our very eyes. Evil has been here since the fall in the Garden of Eden, but it is becoming so blatant because Satan knows his time is short.
      Ephesians 6:10-18
      Thanks for sharing-

    2. Vince, you absolutely correct!! It is time to put God back in our country! Put him first and he will lead us to where we need to be! No matter who is elected! With God back in charge of our lives we can not fail! To God be the Glory!! It will be the right man! There are too many people wanting their way and not Gods way and God is tired of the disrespect and is letting it be known!! Rise up put God first! Pray for our country and our nation leaders to do the same and I can believe our great country will turn around!! Without God we are nothing!

    3. Vince, thanks for the pragmatic approach to our country’s CANCER!
      Our founding fathers formed this nation with God, foremost in their minds.
      NO GOD, NO HOPE. KNOW GOD, KNOW HOPE! Keep praying for our country, it’s all we got.

      1. When Ben Franklin walked out of the constitutional convention, he was asked what kind of government we had.
        His reply, “a republic, if you can keep it”

      2. Praying for change is OK.
        VOTING change is what will make a difference!

  14. Thank you for the info I would like to see the shooting community be a little less greedy if you have enough let those in need buy some.

  15. Thanks for the update! Really appreciate it. And most of all thanks for the reminder to pray.

    God Bless!

  16. Any idea as to what the limits will be on small pistol primers and when they will become available?


  17. I reckoned. Along with Vista, Winchester ( Olin) is revving up the Lake City arsenal. Hope its just a matter of time before supply returns.

    Knitting? dang, was thinking more of casting /testing hand rolled 12 guage slugs, Talk about shortage. Yikes.

    THNX PowderValley for the insights!

  18. I generally buy 50-60k of primers at once because I shoot that much in one year. Generally I get discounts for purchasing this volume. Now I’m lucky to find several hundred primers at once. So my small pistol primers are drying up and I am having to load 45 acp because I have 25 k of large pistol primers on hand. I’m fortunate that I cast all my own Bullets . So I load for almost nothing if I can get primers.

  19. Ah, shoot – now I won’t be able to find my favorite yarns in stock thanks to the primer shortage! 🙂

  20. Gun owners never learn. How many times have we seen this since 1992? Remember the Clinton primer shortage where they wanted primers that degrade over time so people wouldn’t want to stockpile ammunition and the shortage of military ammo cans? Remember the Obama primer shortage? You buy when the Republicans are in power because people think the supply chains are safe. The panic buying always starts when the Democrats are in power or close to getting their hands on power. There was a surplus of AR-15s last year at $800. Now you pay twice that if you can find one. Dealers can’t keep 9mm pistols on the shelves. This cycle of shortage is going to continue until the public either changes it’s buying habits or stops electing control freaks who want to make our personal decisions for us.

  21. They should lift some regulations and let Americans be Americans. If someone can obtain the raw materials, establish an operation, and produce quality, in spec Primers that are safe and efficient for Commercial distribution, they need to be permitted to do so without needing to have the buying power of monopolies.
    I understand there is a lot to it, but this is one of those circumstances, in my opinion, that could be effectively addressed by American Ingenuity. If not for today, then for tomorrow.
    Competition breeds success.
    I am not skilled or talented enough to be “that guy”, but I am certainly willing to make efforts to help in this idea. I believe that many Americans would be.

    1. Can you only imagine if target shooters across the boards. Rifle,Pistol,Shotgun formed a co-op of manufacturing of primers where the employees got paid and goods sold at cost how much we all could shoot???

  22. I am one of those people, started reloading late 2018. Available funds never allowed me to ‘stock up’ so I didn’t. But as a consumer now, I see what appears to be the available markets that produce ammo to obtain primers for the popular calibers. Then they sell ammo at 500% + rate. I ask, where do they get their primers?
    The new administration is definitely anti gun and anti 2A, and right now they have the ability to really hurt that community with the current situation. They may not get bans, or restrictions passed, but I CAN see them finding away to permanently break the current supply chain issue.
    Leaving us all with expensive boat anchors.

  23. Elections have consequences. So all of you Trump haters & libertarians, wont even discuss progun Dems, look in the mirror. Buckle up, its gonna be a bumpy 2 years till Congress goes Rep.

  24. The number of profiteers seems pretty high. A quick look at places like Gunbroker show plenty of primers are available – unfortunately, they are often 2 to 5 times normal MSRP. What I take away form this is the a small group of folks have taken what supplies there are and pushed them into the secondary market, just like what occurred with powder.

    The shortage we are experiencing is being made worse by the profiteers. I am just going to wait, shoot less, and hopefully production will eventually overtake the shortages and we can all pay a fair price for things.

  25. I usually shoot about 12,000 pistol bulllets a year. I just started shooting skeet again and far it is about a 1000 shells a month.

    I understand why you limit a 1000 primers per person when you have the primers in stock. I f you could up it to 3000 per person, the hazmat and shipping fees will not be so painful.

    I like doing business with you. Thank you

  26. Thank you so much for the information about the primer shortage and other reloading supplies . There are a lot of rumors going around about the shortages of reloading supplies . Your report has put a lot of the rumors to rest for me .
    Thanks , Doug McPeek

  27. I’m going back to skydiving.

  28. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic Bryan.

  29. With modern manufacturing the availability of primers should had improved but it hasn’t. Toilet paper was also in high demand but modern manufacturing made it more availability. Unlike primers you use toilet paper every day. I believe part of the shortage is artificial. Manufacturers are trying to raise prices by not meeting demand. They are making primers at the same normal rate and not increasing production on purpose. To make more money.

  30. With modern manufacturing the availability of primers should had improved but it hasn’t. Toilet paper was also in high demand but modern manufacturing made it more availability. Unlike primers you use toilet paper every day. I believe part of the shortage is artificial. Manufacturers are trying to raise prices by not meeting demand. They are making primers at the same normal rate and not increasing production on purpose. To make more money.

  31. Since American manufacturers are unable or unwilling to make more primers available maybe a Chinese manufacturing should explort primers to America

  32. The government is increasing the ordering of ammo!

  33. Flintlocks & Crossbows, here I COME!

  34. New president not going to help.

  35. Thank goodness primers don’t seem to have a shelf life. I have a large supply of miscellaneous CCI and Remington primers that are from 20 to 30 years old and have not had a misfire yet. I almost got rid of them awhile back due to their age but thank goodness I didn’t get serious enough to seek a market for them.

  36. I have three sleeves of large/Magnum primers left if anyone wants them, been selling them for 500.00 a sleeve but will do 450.00

  37. Prospects of anti 2nd amendment president? Really, I’m a lily white snowflake liberal. I’ve spent over $15,000 (us liberals get all are money from George Soros and Hillary Clinton) on weapons’ and ammunitions this year alone because I’m sick and tired of seeing all the crazy gun toting trump supporters carrying their guns and threatening or shooting those they disagree with.

    I think you better do your research some more, there’s lot’s of us liberals that are die hard gun supporters!

    1. Hopefully all gun supporters will see this new administration as a supreme threat to the 2nd Amendment and interstate commerce. They have openly stated they are hell bent on stopping the purchase of firearms and all firearm related items through interstate commerce. Therefore your ability to purchase products from companies like ours will end if they get what they desire.

      1. I agree 100%. Democrats are now raving Communists hell bent on disarming the people to continue their run of corruption and selling out our country to a globalist cabal.

    2. You can’t be a Democrat and a gun supporter. It’s an oxymoron. You literally vote for xxxxxxxxx who promise to take them away or institute bans. Leftism is a mental illness fueled by an obsession to control people and shred individual liberty.

  38. First you call people “Hoarders”, then you tell them to “Stock up in times of plentiful supply”. Sounds a little two faced.


  39. Thanks for the writeup, there’s a lot more going on than I thought.

    Are you guys planning on raising maximum order back to 5000 at some point? 1000 at a time isn’t worth the shipping and hazmat

  40. Thank you Powder Valley Inc. for explaining and bringing clarity to the primer shortage.

  41. I understand the reasoning behind limiting primer purchases to 1k. In the past, i normally would buy primers 10k at a time in order to “spread out” the Haz Mat surcharge. Really hard to swallow the full charge when you’re limited to 1k.

  42. BUT…………….there is NO shortage of primers in Canada.
    Strange, is it not?

  43. My concern is the Biden far left Gun grabbers will try to control/ limit access to reloading components. Possibly by federal taxes on on components as they plan on semi- automatic rifles.

  44. I just go this in my morning Email briefs:
    Maker of COVID Tests Says Pandemic is Biggest Hoax Ever Perpetrated

    Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told Canadian government officials in Alberta during a phone conference that the coronavirus pandemic is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” Hodkinson, who is the CEO of a biotech company that makes COVID tests, says “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians.” We are seeing “politics playing medicine, and that’s a very dangerous game.”

    Positive test results do not mean a clinical infection, he says. All testing should stop because the false numbers they produce are “driving public hysteria.” Hodkinson says the risk of death for people under the age of 65 is “one in three-hundred thousand” and it is “outrageous” to shut down society for what is merely “just another bad flu.” Maker of COVID Tests Says Pandemic is Biggest Hoax Ever Perpetrated

    Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told Canadian government officials in Alberta during a phone conference that the coronavirus pandemic is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” Hodkinson, who is the CEO of a biotech company that makes COVID tests, says “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians.” We are seeing “politics playing medicine, and that’s a very dangerous game.”

    Positive test results do not mean a clinical infection, he says. All testing should stop because the false numbers they produce are “driving public hysteria.” Hodkinson says the risk of death for people under the age of 65 is “one in three-hundred thousand” and it is “outrageous” to shut down society for what is merely “just another bad flu.” Maker of COVID Tests Says Pandemic is Biggest Hoax Ever Perpetrated

    Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told Canadian government officials in Alberta during a phone conference that the coronavirus pandemic is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” Hodkinson, who is the CEO of a biotech company that makes COVID tests, says “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians.” We are seeing “politics playing medicine, and that’s a very dangerous game.”

    Positive test results do not mean a clinical infection, he says. All testing should stop because the false numbers they produce are “driving public hysteria.” Hodkinson says the risk of death for people under the age of 65 is “one in three-hundred thousand” and it is “outrageous” to shut down society for what is merely “just another bad flu.” So to top it off we have a primer shortage due to a HOAX.

  45. Knitting needles over 2-3/4 inches long require a special permit in Washington state so I can’t even take up knitting.

  46. Very helpful to have some insight into what’s going on behind the scenes in the primer world. Thanks for posting! …and definitely keep praying!

  47. I have been stockpiling. I might not be able to reload, but I will have a clean butt for the next 5 to 10 years!!

  48. The previous shortage was a lesson learned

  49. ??? How do you knit primers?

  50. Something does not add up. Canadian vendors have primers in stock. Why?
    See link below.

  51. If you have nothing to sell, how do you stay in business?

  52. I believe in part it’s because of the law suits that destroyed Remington and now going after Cabela’s/ Bass pro. These things lack all good common sense.

  53. Great article! Just have to weather the storm!

  54. It was fun while it lasted,RIP shooting sports,that’s why Iam done with powder burners,more fun with
    My PCP air guns like FX,you can even have suppressors A Great big FU to all the powers that be
    AKA tin horn dictators Bwhaha bwhaha bwhaha

  55. Great explanation of the circumstances. I think you are spot on. Outdoor shooting is a great hobby and that is about my only vice. When i retired 18 years ago i started to stock up on anything i thought i might need so i am pretty well supplied. the fly in that ointment is my fellow competitors did not so i either share {not} or compete with myself? keep up the good work, stay safe, and if you acquire any BR4 primers i will take all you can sell
    Thank you ! dave jones

  56. Long time PV customer, I whole heartedly agree with your explanation. Especially the last paragraph. Taking a page from the democrat play book in never wasting a good crisis I would suggest offering a bonus for those customers who can provide proof of membership to the NRA or the ILA. In this critical time I’m afraid we are going to need them more than ever… Respfully

  57. The manufacturer need to add to their production lines because everytime a Democrat farts there is a run on ammo.
    For the rest of eternity every four years there will be runs on ammo goods when a Democrat starts sniffing at the presidency.

  58. All of those that laughed me to scorn for hoarding flint locks have suddenly grown silent!

  59. Stay safe everyone

  60. I say, “America First!” NO exporting reloading components Until our shelves are Full!!
    This would be similar to crude oil supply,,,,,None, Zero, Zilch was exported until we were/are self-sufficient,,,Now we are exporting oil 🙂
    So,,,,,”AMERICA FIRST”!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Recently I went to Google and researched Primers for sale. I received an answer back quickly, Canada, it seems that Canada has powder and primers, to what level I don’t know. Prices that were quoted were very much in line. The only hangup was that these products were available for export. I am sure the Covid-19 problem has taken its toll, but to think that the world has stopped producing ammo makes no sense. I think the shortage is made up to impact the American market. I think it is a quiet way to disarm US gun owners. Keep the guns, they may be good as clubs in a self-defense situation.
    Just my opinion, but!

  62. Thanks for the info. I am stocked up, so I’ll just quit competition, and try to help out my friends, basic needs. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your company, and use it almost exclusively. However I can never walk through a gun shop without buying “something”………………good shootin’.

  63. Primer shortage may be the problem for some but us mag shooters that use Retumbo and H1000 , all have primers thanks to Hodgdon little to no supply since mid 2018.
    All these big companies bought up all the little companies so with the few suppliers we have now we fall to the mercy of their mis-management. Capitalism is dead and we fall victim to 1 supply chain breaking a link.

  64. It’s time for a new primer manufacturer to step forward.

  65. thank you for this report.
    I’ve wondered why I haven’t see ANY CCI primers
    all this year. I’m still wondering why not.
    I for one am not affected by this as I stocked up a
    few years ago and still have a good supply.

    With it looking like Biden being president things will
    only get worse.

  66. Too late, yarn is also in short supply.

  67. Because its not only consumers buying primers and then turning them into profit on gunbroker and the likes, its also retailers and retailer employees doing the same thing.. Taking full advantage of the times we are in to make 400% profit. Kinda like when a winter storm is coming, you have people buy up a bunch of generators and when lowes or home depot sells out, they sit out in the parking lots and sell them for a large profit..

  68. Frankly, I don’t see this getting any better for the foreseeable future. If anything it may get worse. This has happened before and I decided the last time I would buy a little every other month until I felt I had enough. Since this current shortage has arrived,, I haven’t needed to buy any more. I’m grateful for my planning and able to sit this one out. I have been without before and it’s no fun. Good luck to us all, we’re going to need it.

  69. Dry fire

  70. It’s a wonderful life. only take what you need, If you have 20K rounds and 20K primers, I think you are more than good for a war. People need to stop buying $33.00 in primers to sell for $700.00. This is the main issue. Only buy what you need if you want to keep your 2nd Amendment, this is a time we need to band together and spread the wealth.

  71. Reload your primers. It can be done fairly easily.

  72. Thanks for the information! While this doesn’t impact our frustration it is good to understand.

  73. Good analysis! Thank you.

  74. I am a reloader. Been doing it for years. My next birthday will make 70 trips around the sun, have decided that those days are coming to an end. I’m probably going to use whatever I have left and just throw in the towel.

  75. Thanks for the article, can you set up to let people know when you get primers ?

  76. Most important statement of this article is the last words.

  77. Thanks for the very well written and comprehensive explanation. I check PV everyday for a glimmer of hope for 1,000 Primers. 🙂



  78. Recently went on a “roadtrip” to find primers…stopped in a small reloading supply shop,and found shelves stocked with everything from primers to powder to bullets…
    No limit,happy to help and friendliest people you’ll ever meet!
    When asked how they can have so much when everyone else is out,his answer was “simple…we’re not on the internet “

  79. A friend of mine is a knitter…

    She’s saying that there are shortages of yarn like you wouldn’t believe.

  80. with the zestful glee I think we can anticipate from the new administration coming in I would think “they” would be trying to sabotage any and all efforts to re-establish this primer supply line – I will never forget watching “Teddy” Kennedy, as he was boarding a jet and was asked by a reporter about the latest Brady Bill defeat saying “we have learned that if we can stifle the supplies of ammunition then gun control with become a mute point” ….. that has echoed in my memory ever since

    1. This is so very true. Cut the supply of ammo, where we can shoot & when, who can shoot, and everything (including our Rights & ways of life) slowly erodes to nothing. Erosion is usually very slow & unnoticable until whatever was there is gone. The liberals are smart & patient. Conservatives play dumb and are slow to act.

      Great civilizations, societies, empires, etc. are rarely conquered. They rot from the inside-out.

  81. Thank you

  82. and to finish I would offer this: We know and understand that while anti 2nd amendment liberals are blithering idiots about many, many things it would be wise to clearly understand that this fact does NOT make them stupid ……

  83. Thank you very much for your insight and information. This was personally valuable.

  84. Our President said that He was told ” We have no ammunition “. Has the up arming of the Military had an effect on the availability of primers ?

  85. Thanks Very Informative

  86. Nice article and well-written but I would just add that when primers hit the desired price point, they will suddenly become available again, just like .22 cal did two years ago. The price went up 30-40% and stayed there. At a production rate of 4 million per day, a shortage shouldn’t last long.
    One other thing, hand loading was once upon a time more economical that buying factory loads. To believe it’s cheaper today, especially to a serious reloader is hardly true. I suppose one could make it cheaper but he wouldn’t be doing so with variety and precision.

  87. Thanks for the explanation but don’t call them our leaders. They work for us and need to be reminded of that.

  88. I believe there is favoritism also, in addition to the points you have cited above that prevent the “average Joe” from getting primers. For those of us, that use Powder Valley almost exclusively for components, it wold be nice if you set up a “will call” data base to keep customers names and contacts on file so you can contact them where you do have primers for sale. So, we dont spend our morning coffee routine looking for primers.

  89. Main reason, I believe, is that everyone is buying them, when they find them, to plan ahead for the next four years with Biden and the Hindu/Jamacian taking helm in Wash DC. They will do their best to take out the 2nd Amendment and a couple other amendments they don’t like i.e. freedom of speech for example, so stock up while and when you can.

  90. Thanks for this information. It was very helpful.

  91. I guess it’s a good thing I started stocking up back in 2001.

  92. Hello,

    Overall a good article. I would however object to the use of the word hoarding. The use has a implied negative connotation. Being in the commercial ammunition business for over ten years, I’ve met hundreds it not thousands of shooters and reloader’s. I believe the use of the word stockpile is to be prepared for short or long term shortages.

    This, I believe, is a prudent and responsible action to take. By doing so, a shooter avoids the ups and downs of supply and demand. These price increases are from capitalism and “whatever the market will bear” for those not prepared when there is a shortage and will have to pay a substantial price increase for their needed product.

    The use of “stockpile” does not lend itself to a negative implication.

    Food for thought on future articles.

    John M. Muller
    Straight Shooter Ammunition LLC
    Glenmoore, PA

  93. If Powder Valley is going to restrict primer purchases to 1k, I think you shouldn’t charge a hazmat fee. A$20 hazmat fee is not worth it when your competitors have 5k limits. I passed on your in stock primers last week for this reason. I’m no longer that desperate.

  94. I wish Powder Valley would devise a backorder system where we could have an order in place when primers and other items become available. When so, they could ship automatically or maybe trigger an automatically generated email notice that would need to be responded to within X amount of time to complete the sale and shipment. If quantity restrictions are to be on orders, it needs to allow big enough order to off set the haz-mat fee. Maybe 1 case of each type of primers per order plus whatever powder or other items desired? Just my thoughts.

  95. Can’t reload without primers.

  96. It is gun control that they couldn’t get done in the courts. The people who are trying to take over American are buying them so we can’t fight back.

  97. Thank you for the write-up as it was informative. Most serious gunners had a supply of ammunition and reloading supplies. I have cut back my consumption of all feeds to my gunning activities, shooting less and enjoying it less.


  99. Thanks for the information. You are the only website to furnish us with information.

    Vincent J DeMaggio
    COL USa (Ret)

  100. Thanks for the insight. I wasn’t up to speed on Remington’s negative impact to the market. Having been through this before, I was prepared this time. Good lesson to learn.

  101. 1. We have had RECORD SALES of firearms for TWO YEARS. Haven’t manufacturers realized this isn’t a temporary bump but a new level of demand? 2. Nr.1 certainly supports if not mandates a substantial increase in manufacturing capacity. Hasn’t management ever heard of Market Research?

  102. First of all, thank you for your prompt attention and delivery of my recent order. I read your comprehensive summary about primer shortages. I appreciate now knowing more than I did previously. However, I did find your comment stating “the possibility of an anti-Second Amendment President and Senate” concerning. As you know, our Second Amendment is settled law. Misinformation throughout the debacle of our country deciding between Trump or democracy has been exceedingly dangerous. Certainly President Biden has never been Anti-2nd Amendment, stated as such, or taken a position that he was opposed to the 2nd. He has supported sensible gun control. There is a quantum leap difference between the two. Misinformation and hysteria about “they are coming for your guns” only contributes to misinformation and any meaningful discussions that can occur under the protection of our settled law rights. You can I rest assured that folks like me, lifelong passionate hunter and guide, environmentalist, progressive, and Second supporter will never support anyone that is anti-2nd. I just find the misinformation counter productive. We are all smart enough to have meaningful discussion without demonizing the political opposition. The rally cry of “they are coming for your guns “ when I no one knows who “they” is and “they” can’t because it’s settled law because the peoples SC said so is really stale. Stating in a public document that President Biden is anti-Second is a wrong approach. I’d like to do more business with you guys.

    1. Maybe they should be knocking on or kicking-in your door, first. Read my other post about “Sheeple”.

      What do you read into, “Stacking the Supreme Court”? This is to abolish the Constitution by leftist-interpretation that the Constitution is obsolete and needs to be abolished.

    2. I am completely aware of law and the fight that us 2nd Amendment supporters put up every year. I appreciate your opinion. However, I disagree. Biden has openly stated he is coming after certain guns. The platform Biden-Harris ran on openly stated they have the desire to shut down interstate commerce for firearms and firearm related purchases. They have already done it in California and hope to make it nationwide. That will effectively end businesses like Powder Valley. People said it could never happen in California and it did. Courts have upheld their law. Biden is using the disguise of “common sense gun control” to move forward with a very aggressive agenda limiting our gun rights under the 2nd Amendment.

      1. I was in here looking for any tips in finding primers for my shotgun reloading needs when I read into an array of political bullcrap that’s weaseled its way into a beloved sport.

        1. As Americans ‘We’ all support the Second Amendment. Your referenced supporters aren’t defending the Amendment. They’re defending their interpretation of it. The amendment doesn’t need supporting or the illusion of some patriotic hero defending it. Casting aspersions of being anti-gun and pigeon holing those who disagree with that interpretation is groundless. Defend your opinion with solid logic. Don’t try to force it down our throats with a side of propaganda.

        2. Bidens policy on assault weapons is to register them. If they’re afraid to register a militarized weapon they have something to hide. If they feel the government is trying to track them than have someone in here that took up knitting make you a tin yarn cap.

        Assault weapons should have been classed with “machine gun” status when they first hit the market. Gun lobbyists saw to their unbridled sale and the Xbox Call of Duty generation is filling their pockets in return.

        High capacity magazines and silencers are accessories of war. You can’t hunt ducks with more than 3 shells in your shotgun but assault weapon owners complain about not being able to able to load 50 rounds with a silenced report. Their logic is lacking.

        3. California’s firearms laws are not a template that will likely be acceptable in the majority of these United States. You know that. Sorry if your profits can’t include California but hiding that loss behind a statement of “effectively end businesses” is unfounded. Your endeavors to sell product does not overrule the laws enacted by a democracy using another amendment. Capitalism is a great thing till people start putting it above a states choice and using the profits from it to buy laws to contradict them.

        I’m an avid hunter and have been now for 50 years. Responsible gun ownership is a model I’ve followed and its proven itself to keep a nation safe while at the same time satisfying the needs of gun owners. “Some” modifications and restrictions in gun ownership is necessary over time to keep us safe from misuse. We never had this problem with assault weapon mass shootings in my past. “Why”? We never applied a cowboy law mentality to gun ownership. Only a respect for others and a love for a sport that would continue to exist if we were good stewards and logically regulated its growth.

        I have no fear in anyone posing a threat to my gun ownership. I do have a fear that unethical commerce will ruin this sport and create dissension in its ranks in the name of profit.

        1. I find it interesting that you’re here looking for shotshell primers yet you consider our article on why there is a primer shortage and subsequent follow up to be engaging in “unethical commerce”. Obviously you disagree with the premise of the 2nd Amendment and that’s entirely your right. I am thankful that most responsible gun owners do not see things the same as you and fully understand the threat that is on our doorstep. Most of the time I do not put a whole lot of weight on what a politician says but when a politician issues a campaign promise to “End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions. Biden will enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.” then I do consider that a threat to our business and to everybody’s ability to purchase the necessary items to support their 2nd Amendment rights.
          Good luck to you and may God Bless you as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

    3. What you said is absolute nonsense. Joe toes the party line of gun bans, magazine bans, ect. There is nothing common sense about banning firearms. Democrats are Anti-American and Anti-Constitutional scum. I wish left wingers would relocate to one of the 100 other countries that practice their desired form of government and leave the USA to patriots.

  103. one thing i have seen that pisses me off is a ton of people on gunbroker saleing primer for 100 a 1000 and up.i would stop reloading before i bought a dang thing from them.i have always bought in bulk 1000 to 5000 at a time,but i have a lot of friends that only want a few hundred at a time and they know they can get them from at what i payed for them.

  104. I wish you would allow for customers to back order through the website. You could keep the limits in place and allow customers the peace of mind that when primers or other reloading supplies are available, they will be delivered in the order received… Just a thought.

  105. I search your site every couple hours about 6-8 times a day for primers, most specifically small pistol primers. It’s frustrating and actually sometimes infuriating to see “out of stock” hundreds of times a day.
    I’ve been reloading for 46 years and I’m just not used to seeing such a thing as this happening. I cast all my own bullets and have loads of powder and brass…all USELESS- without primers. It’s very frustrating. It’s like when your electricity goes out during a storm or whatever, you just don’t realize how much you take “flipping a switch”, (or having a plentiful supply of primers to choose from), for granted until it’s GONE. ? GOD help us all.
    At this point all my pistols are basically paperweights or nothing more than a 4 pound rock to throw at an intruder or assailant.
    I’ll keep checking and checking and hope for the best. I realize I’m not alone in my frustration but it sure feels like it sitting here in my basement with thousands of brass, bullets, and pounds of powder but no way to set them off…???

  106. I have been a customer for a number of years . It was nice to read your article on the shortage of reloading supplies. I will be watching for your news that you have some inventory in, will order primers, powder and a few thousand bullets. Bob Northrup

  107. If I remove my firing pin and drill out my primer pocket, could cannon fuse be used in place of primers? I mean what could possibly go wrong? Asking for a friend….

  108. Gosh???
    Wonder why guys have been hoarding up the primers??

  109. Socialism sucks! God bless America.

  110. Thanks for the info ,I have a little different take on the ammo and reloading supplies problem we all are facing in these dire time witch includes a new person in charge who has no respect for the constitution our country lives and dies to protect. We all know home land and the other armed forces have put in orders for ammo that will keep all manufacturers tied up for 3 to 4 years in the wake there might be a round 2 of a civil war to speek. And also the skudel but is the new jurk wont take our guns but will inforce a slow down and in time a halt of production of the supplies needed to use our guns. This could also be done in the form of high taxes on primers ,powder ect. This is a grim time to say the least but I am hoping for the best for all of us and that the skudel but is wrong
    Good luck fellow loaders

  111. It’s hoarders more than any single factor. Two months ago I saw a post where this moron had a photo of 1,000 bricks, with a thousand primers in each brick, that he had purchased . He boasted he would sell them at Gun Shows for…100$-150$ a box.. and more…. That’s WHY!!!

  112. Practice your skill on slingshot.

  113. Thank you for this very well thought out article.

  114. thank you for the incite of what is going on in the reloading problem (primers) , this is a year to remember . I just hope that all the people well lay down all there fares and pull together and get past this pandemic so we can get on with the new normal . (stay safe !)

  115. Thank you for this post! Very good analysis!

  116. Thanks for the informative article. Keep up the good work you all are greatly appreciated.

  117. Very informative article and greatly appreciated!

  118. I doubt that new gun owners are buying primers, it is simple supply and demand no more so than bullets brass or powder or toilet paper.

  119. Any chance of Powder Valley starting a back order list so it isn’t just by chance of looking at your site when you have a supply?

    1. Not at this time. It’s just too messy and complex.

  120. Has Powder Valley received any primers? Do Powder Valley employees do what I’ve heard about another big retailer, and their employees tell all their friends and family and hold them back and then “poof”….they’re out of primers! The public never had a chance to buy a thing.

    1. 1 Yes we’ve received primers
      2 No, our employees do not share information and get the primers to all their buddies.

  121. My last purchase of 5,000 CCI small pistol primers was in March 2020. Have not bought any since then.
    I will conserve those primers. Shoot less until the supply of components start to rise. 2023?

  122. Amazing how a virus with a 99% survival rate has brought our economy to it’s knees.
    Raw materials are not being mined/ processed in this country. China has been smelting lead for us. Now ammunition is drying up. I wonder if possibly, there is an intentional shortage being perpetraed on us? The timing and political nature of the virus and ensuing propaganda tsunami are not coincidental. Our country is on the brink.

  123. It would be great if sellers would add text alerts to their “alert me when in stock” system. Email is simply not the way to go.

  124. Thanks for the update. As a SASS member I shoot and reload all my match ammo. Thank fully we forsaw this coming. Keep us informed

  125. I encourage all to pray and wait on the Lord. Thank you for your explanation and wish all the best.

  126. Thank you for shedding some light on the situation.

  127. I don’t think anybody saw this coming. Fortunately, I ordered 2000 primer from Powder Valley before the SHTF. However, as every pistol shooter knows, 2000 primers does not last a long time. I appreciate the time Powder Valley took to print this because I was wondering where the Wolf primers were. They are a great company to deal with. Thank you, guys. And gals.

  128. Wonderful article. In the interest of fairness, an allocation method should be devised using a civilian wait list, so that we can get in line to purchase to purchase a primers when and if they become available. Please lead the industry and create this, complete with email and phone text notices.

  129. Great article. Very enlightening. Thanks for publishing it.

  130. Probably best answer to the situation, thanks.

  131. I find myself wondering, “just how many loaded rounds are enough?” I have a lot of brass, it makes me recall, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Empty brass needs to be filled more now that we are short on components. Hmmm.

    Well, no use getting too tense. Unless you have less than 100 rounds for your various calibers. Even at that, with the shortages I guess the sensible thing to do is avoid any major shootouts. Which is good advice anytime.

  132. thank you. dry fire training it is. lol

  133. Thank you, Bryan R., for this very informative and comprehensive message. I’ll now stop floundering around the internet looking for what’s not to be found.

  134. People go crazy every time a democrat gets in office. It’s all about politics at its core. I’ve reduced my shooting and have a stash of ammo. I can hold out a while. I mostly shoot rimfire around the house, anyway.

    1. best comment of the day! “I mostly shoot rimfire around the house, anyway.”

      I try to avoid full auto at home, too.

  135. I’m surprised that the Chinese haven’t taken advantage of this situation and flood the market over here. That is usually their mode of operation…….

  136. Thanks for the information. I have been wondering where all the primers have gone.

  137. I agree with your last statement, we need to PRAY! We need to pray hard and no longer sit on the sidelines thinking that most Americans hold the same values we do. By focusing on just “living our lives” we have allowed subversives to influence our schools, our churches and our government.

  138. So when can we order our allotment. Wow that sounds like a Kommie line. WTF.

  139. I understand having limits but 2000 primers and paying hazmat fee with shipping means I will not be buying any primers unless I need powder also. Not resonable to pay shipping and hazmat on 2000 primers.

  140. How long before the companies that manufacture reloading equipment and those who sell it will start to feel the economic pressure from lack of the necessary components for reloading, not to mention the current political situation.

  141. Since you’re out of so many items , why not add a filter for “in stock only”?? Sure would save a lot of time for us shoppers.

  142. CCI is just down the road from me. They are running 2 shifts along with “Help wanted” signs. The employees are under threat of “firing” if they talk about work there. Can’t find one single primer locally due to out of staters buying & hoarding local stocks. CCI and the other primer manufacturers have a lot of public explaining to do.


  144. Thanks for being there for us Powder Valley, it very much appreciated..

  145. Primers will come back, and it be just like 22lr or hand sanitizer. Expect prices to go up and quantities to go down. After the 2013 scare, primers could be bought by the tray locally before they could be bought by the brick online, and that was before quantity restrictions were ultimately lifted.

    And for 95% of people that’s the best way to handle it. Driving to Cabelas and being limited to 200 primers at a time takes the momentum out of hoarding.

  146. We have a source for 9 million small pistol and 3 million rifle primers. Because we have a level 7 FFL we have options. The cost will be at least 3X normal. Do you have a market at that price?

    1. We may have a market at that price. However, most people would accuse us of price gouging. Therefore we would never pay that price for primers.

  147. Thanks for the information

  148. Thank you for the article

  149. Thank u for the explanation article!

  150. check your local garage sales and estate sales, you may come across a treasure. I know I did, 25k SPP, and no I don’t have any left….all traded off or sold long ago. But I’m still on the hunt.

  151. Unfortunately, knitting needles are also in short supply, and the demand for knitting needles has sky rocketed right along with primers. Many champion shooters who would normally be out at the range practicing their skills have been in seclusion in their homes to protect themselves from Covid and have taken up knitting to fill their days.

    Heard on the street is that there will soon be a shortage of golf balls since our lame duck president is finding time to play much more golf. We all know that water attracts golf balls and he has contributed greatly to the soon to be felt shortage.

    1. You didn’t hear? Someone poked themself with a knitting needle, so Congress banned them to protect us all. Well, technically not banned, but you have to pass a background check, buy a $200 knitting stamp, and wait nine months for approval.

  152. Finally a thorough, realistic explanation. Thank you

  153. Very excellent advice. I did that very thing of taking advantage of low price ammo back since 2005 and forward till 2015. Primers have effected my personal production a little but not to the point where I’m in trouble. We all need to learn from the past so it won’t happen in the future. The key is to remember and ponder on current events or problems so you don’t forget too much in the future.

  154. This will definitely put a hurting on all the shooting sports, hell pretty much anything with a bullet.

  155. Thank you folks at Powder Valley for taking the time to give a detailed explanation of what is going on. You get bits and pieces of information at the local gun stores, but this brings it all together, basically the “Perfect Storm”. Something I can add is, this is my 30th year in law enforcement and we have great concerns about ammo as well. We have seen the cost of our practice ammunition go up 3-4X over the past few years and now can’t even find any. Fortunately, we buy about 18 months ahead, but if things don’t get better in 2021, I’m not really sure what we are going to do.

  156. Greetings Bryan,
    As a first time buyer of several week back I must say I am impressed with your company. The items came quicker than expected and in good condition. That being said I would like to thank you for taking the time and making the effort for writing this informative article. Well done. And yes, I did purchase primers after the last issue and am good to go. I believe most of us old timers have done this and the issue now is partially from a large influx of new loaders. A couple of new members of my local small club have taken on loading and have experienced primer issues of which I will certainly help them with some primers. Anyhow all the best to you and your company and for a brighter 2021.

  157. wrist rockets require no bullet powder or primers, ant wrist rocket ammo can be found for free on the ground if need be…

  158. After 40 years in LE I retired to do two things I love! Follow my wife around and shoot. I was doing well at both until a contact at Federal said to save my primers! I’d shot over 42K for the year with about 22K in primers left. STOP!
    I cut my shooting by 75%!
    I’m praying for us to keep our freedoms and come through this episode unscathed.
    I’d love to see you at the range but that may be some other year!
    Keep up the fight patriots! Let’s not lose our freedoms!!!

  159. There’s always golf!

  160. Are you actually getting and selling any at all? Is the supply completely dried up or is it just a drip?

  161. So disheartening as I send a press to Dillon for repairs. Probably won’t get to use it until I can get more primers.
    Thanks for the insight.

  162. Thank you for this article, I found it a good read.
    I have been reloading for 30 years, and a competitive shooter.
    Can i get on a waiting list to at least expect some small rifel or pistol primers eventually in some kind of order? I agree so maney new shooters and our fair share of hoarders makes it difacult for a real to keep up.
    Please let me know what I need to do or if you can help, thanks

  163. I agree limitations must be in place. However when you place limits of 1,000 on primers plus hazmat and shipping doesn’t make financial sense. Can the limits be set at 5,000?

  164. HRC made a statement in 1998 that the 2nd amendment doesn’t mention ammo or components.

    You didn’t mention the political agenda of the anti gun left.

  165. Thanks for the information. I understand a little better now.

  166. That was a very comprehensive report on the primer situation. I was shooting a thousand rounds a month but now the trips to the range are few and far between. My couple of thousand rounds in reserve must be preserved as the future is not as rosy as I had hoped. keep up the good work and thank you.

  167. Maybe I’ll just throw the bullets really hard, or buy a slingshot/wrist rocket

  168. Thanks for the explanation of the shortage. Thomas have a good idea.

  169. I’ve been wondering about the “reloading” supply chain.Thank you for the timely and well though out article. Mark

  170. Thanks for all of the hard work you folks do.

  171. Sheeple never learn in all arenas of life. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

  172. A very comprihensive report, thanks

  173. MAGA…

  174. Im sick of this mess. If the traitors would quit attacking the Constitution, we would not have this problem

  175. Thanks for the explanation of “where have all the primers gone” !
    I’m using my large rifle primers now for my 45 ACP, until they are gone too !

  176. Thanks Ryan for update, I feel your grief as I am in the tire business and they are shortages there also, parts for cars, lumber,etc I think the whole country is scared and rightfully so! I really think manufacturers are hoarding for the uncertainty of our election, I agree with you when you take GOD out of everything,well just read what he did to Israelites !! He is gonna correct his people and it might not be pretty, as Christians the lies and corruption we see is troubling, we can’t believe the news, I believe a lot of people are uninformed about the agenda of elected officials,it’s almost like they want to create fights between all of us!! Biden did say he would put bozo Orork in charge of gun situation and he said “hell yea we will outlaw ar & ak47 “ our country don’t fear god and that has become dangerous! He will prevail and the Spiritual Battle will be Won!!! We all need to keep praying!!

  177. I lost all my reloading supplies in a boat accident

  178. Stock up when there is abundance . That is the biblical thing to do. Seriously do not live out of the gun shop.

  179. This happened in 2008 and 2012 we had 3 years of low prices and abundance . Boo hoo . For notbeing aware and ignorance.

  180. I have actually started researching reloading primers. It can be done. Yes, it’s got that bad!

  181. Thanks

  182. Next they’ll be a shortage on marbles and slingshots!!!

  183. Great write up, thanks guys!

  184. i just inherited from my brother 9 boxes 209 primers Winchesters ,, 2 boxes NSI 209 and 4 boxes of Remington sts 209 along with 8 bags #9 shot and tons of shells for reloading

  185. I’ll give needlepoint a try.

  186. So, if all the primers that would normally be be available for reloaders are being diverted for factory ammo, where is all the the factory ammo!?!?

    1. probably going to a military order recently placed before they loose there funding for at least four years…

  187. This all started when Obama put a limit on the amount of lead a business can either store or order. That is what led to all this nonsense of the primer shortage. Lead btw is one component of the primer. There you have it.

  188. It is obvious that the “left” has driven us to this point. It will not end soon if our Republic is challenged by a Biden/Harris administration ensues. I have been a reloader for over forty years and this situation is preposterous ! I have expanded to casting and sizing bullets for myself, scavenging used brass even in calibers that can be converted. However, primers are are a different story. Over the past couple years here in The People’s Republic of Illinois I have pooled my finances and purchased the contents of a couple gun shops being forced out of business, sold off the stuff I did not need to recoup some of my expenses. I fear that I may have wasted my time?

  189. I guess the main thing that causes me to question the validity of this primer shortage and/or ammo shortage in general is that you can go to a website like bullseye north and see that there’s plenty available in Canada. So if they have so many then why do we have none? Seems a bit weird to me.

  190. for those of you that are finding shotgun primers, how much are you paying?

    1. Not sure if you noticed but we do have W209 shotshell primers in stock at this time.

  191. Why are there plenty of primers available in Canada and at reasonable prices?

  192. What we need to do beside being gouged by those that have primers is to trade excess primers we have for some we need from fellow reloaders. I have plenty of large pistol primers and large rifle but need small rifle primers. I have plenty of powder as well but for the big cartridges but need powder for the small cartridges.

  193. Left or Right may not matter soon. We the people, the voters on either side, are all in the same boat. Obama, Trump, Biden doesn’t seem to matter. We’re losing right now because of speculation. I’ve talked to Canadian sporting goods companies who have reloading supplies falling off their shelves TODAY, and for great prices. They told me they’d be retired if they could sell to US customers online. I hate to say this, but American people better come together and realize that there is a push to divide us and drive us into a dark war against ourselves. Elitists from both sides will sit back and watch! I won’t turn on my fellow American, but I’ll have to defend my family. I plan to conserve what I have, purchase at a moderate pace, as AMMO becomes available, and to scoop up any primers & powder I find available. I’m not a prepper, but I’m starting to realize, prepping isn’t a bad idea, in moderation. Stock and conserve, bolster security, have a plan!

  194. Picked up a 300 Blackout AR upper a few months ago. Tired of waiting for 300 Blackout ammo, brass, or primers to become available. I have plenty of 5.56 on hand. I’m tempted to go through the exercise of disassembling loaded 62 grain 5.56, resizing and reforming at least 500 rounds to 300 Blackout. I’ll be glad when this BS is over.

  195. Over the last several years, I have purchasing a sleeve (5,000) primers a year, whether I needed them or not. I have a nice stock pile built up and will be just fine through this decade’s shortage. I suggest the rest of the reloaders reading this forum quietly build up their own stock pile when the current shortage is over.

  196. Canada has primers and they won’t ship to the USA.

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