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Butler Creek Element Flip Up Scope Cover Objective 45-50mm



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The Butler Creek Element Scope Caps has taken lens protection to the next level. This modular-interchangeable scope cap can be used in any weather element the hunter is facing. Included are three lenses; black disk to minimize direct sunlight on the scope lens. A clear disk so you can see your reticle while caps are closed in rainy weather and a data disk which can provide caliber specific ballistic data. These scope caps are highly rugged and feature a ridged polymer protective lid, durable to withstands abuse and extreme heat and cold. A rubber-stretchable sleeve allows these caps to fit multiple diameters of scopes. The best attribute is the fully customizable, printable, data disk that provides wind and elevation information in either the eye or objective cap. (printable template at ButlerCreek.com)

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