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GPS Universal Magetic Magazine Pouch 3 Magazines


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The G.P.S. Magnetic Universal 3 Magazine Pistol Pouch is perfect for those looking for additional storage space in their gun safe. This new system expands the areas of storage on the inner walls or inside door of all carpeted or metal gun safes. The Patent Pending System features a magnetic back side for mounting on metal safe walls and interiors. This allows the shooter to store accessory items between shelves, inside walls or even the exterior of gun cabinets in space that is most unused. For the Home Protection or self defense firearm owner that will store most of his firearms in a locked safe, this new modular system offers the quickest way to access extra magazines. Just load up these 3 modular items and mount them inside or outside the gun safe door where they can be found quickly and conveniently even in the dark. Storing your shooting accessories has never been easier with the new gun safe modular storage system.

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Universal Magetic






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3 Magazines

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