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Hornady Primer Pocket Uniformer Small

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Hornady Primer Pocket Uniformer Small

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Hornady® reloading accessories have been developed by reloaders, for reloaders to complement existing Hornady® products and enhance the reloading process. The Hornady® Primer Pocket Uniformer (SMALL Primer) is an excellent tool for the reloader looking to get every bit of consistency from their handloads. This tool uniforms primer pocket depths, squares the primer pocket to the case head and squares any rounded corners in the primer pockets for the ultimate in consistent ammunition. The Primer Pocket Uniformer features an adjustable depth stop, a tensioning nut and features 8-32 threads that will work in the Hornady® Universal Accessory Handle, the Hornady® Case Prep Trio, the Hornady® Case Prep Center or any other tool that will receive 8-32 threads

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Dimensions 3.75 × 2 × 0.75 in


Primer Pocket Uniformer

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